OSM Foundation Management Team meeting

20th August 2013, 19:00 - 20:08 GMT




Present: Henk, Dermot, Paul, Mike, Harry, Matt


Apologies: Andy on honeymoon

Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting

July 23rd 2013

Proposed: Dermot

Seconded: Michael


Dermot proposes that the team offer congratulations to Andy Allan and his new wife on their marriage. Passed unanimously.

Open Action Items

20130423-01        Dermot to interview Richard W as a human interest piece to promote CWG’s role and try to encourage people to join.

        Dermot is going to contact Harry to follow up on this item.

        Harry first wanted to have a call for participation out before publishing the interview. In the meantime the invites for interviews has been extended to other WG members.

Dermot has a completed interview of Andy and has a response from Harry. Invitation has been send out to Michael and Paul.


20130521-02        All to think of ways to recruit more people to WG’s

        Harry has posted a message to osmf-talk

20130618-02        Henk will send a message round to all representatives of the WG’s regarding update of WG info on osmf.org
Also check the WG mailinglist whether this is up-to-date.

20130723-01        Mike to check status of legal counsel about having requests openly published. (not done)

20130723-02        Mike (and Paul) to do expand on DMCA document and blocking text (awaiting status on publishing requests before writing procedures)

20130723-03        Harry to find out the current status of the server-donation drive.
Waiting on a donation to be confirmed. After that the Donation Drive will be wound down.

20130723-04        Dermot will send draft a set of thoughts on how the SWG can continue (with a possible joining of the grass-root Future Group)

20130723-05        Mike to share the “Information for officials and diplomats of countries and entities with disputed territories” document with Management and for comments from other WG like DWG (done)

Highlights Current Status Working Groups









SotM Birmingham presentation

Our 30 minute slot at SotM is on Sunday after lunch.

Every WG, please use the three slides. These slides will automatically transition after 1 minute. There will be no pause between the WGs (to keep the pace and dynamics).


Get your 3 slides added to this. Deadline Saturday 31st Aug


CWG - Harry

DWG - ??? (paul to investigate. probably Frederik to do it?)

EWG - Matt

LWG - Michael

LCWG - ??? (Henk to investigate)

OWG - Matt (or could sub contract to someone else)

SotM - Henk

SWG - Dermot (maybe)

MT Chair

Where are we on the quest for a MT chair?

Michael Collinson stepped up. Discussed the idea of a 6 month stint. He will set out some plans/conditions of his work as chair to which he would like all MT members to accept.

He is also interested in clarifying lines of communication between MT and the board. Michael would like to sit in the first face-to-face meeting of the Board, which assumedly will take place around SotM. Henk is pinging Frederik that Michael would like to be invited to that Board meeting.

Future of Strategic WG

Decision to declare the SWG “inactive”.  Leave open the possibility of re-starting if people express and interest. “We welcome people picking up an subject, with possibility to pitch the idea of forming a working group”

Would be announced as a thing on the end of a blog post on other WGs topics (probably something about a new “future working group”) At this time we will also drop it off the lists on the osmfoundation.org main page.



Next meeting

September 17th  2013, 8pm BST.  7pm GMT

Harry to find somebody else from CWG maybe

Meeting End

Meeting ended at 20:08 GMT