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Letter to a Mosque
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Dear Honored Imam and members of the [Insert Mosque Name],

We are some of your neighbors in the community. We wanted to reach out for two reasons: 1) We want to tell you that we value your presence, and 2) We want to start a dialogue to find out what needs you might have from the larger community.

We know anti-Muslim speech from political leaders is not new, but the amount has increased over the past few months and hate crimes are on the rise. We want you to know that we care about your presence in this community and want to safeguard it. We want to remind you that despite speeches that may make you feel unwelcome or like outsiders, we know the Muslim community is very important in the [Insert Neighborhood] (and many other areas in this City).

Which brings us to the second point--we would like to know if you have any asks of the community to help you feel safe/respected? We are part of a larger community group and believe that if we work together we can come up with ways to support you--if you help us understand what support would be welcome and useful.

Even more of us wanted to show you respect than just the folks who came out today--we value you.


[Your Names]