How and Why (or Why Not) to Move to Chromebooks 

(Yes/No? Which ones? Tips for making the move)

Roundtable discussion

Presenters: MacDonald, Todd <>

David Andrade 

Dave/Todd: Please include some notes here in response to the questions below; this will help to ensure we are covering maximum territory during this conversation and reducing redundancy. Note: because this is a small group discussion, no presentation is required; it’s more of an informal conversation and I’m sure there will be lots of questions. Thanks! - Christine

(1) What questions should you ask before transitioning your school environment to Chrome?

(2) What questions should you ask before buying a Chromebook?


Both questions are needed, along with what do we need to do in our schools to be ready for Chromebooks (network, wireless, etc). We use Samsung 3, HP 14 and Acer C720s.

What to you want the students to do? What is your vision?

Is there any legacy software that isn’t web based?

Will it work with testing?

Do you have enough wireless capacity and bandwidth?

Which model? Price, rugged, performance, size, battery life

Here is our GAFE and Chromebook Resource site:

And my Google for Education Resource Site: 

Why we chose Chromebooks: 

We chose the Acer C720 because: performance and speed, design, sturdy and durable, great price.

My presentation from TechForum NY 2013 about selecting technology: 

My Keynote from a Google Leadership Symposium - on why we chose Chromebooks and what you need to think about for deployment: 

David Andrade, MS Ed.

Chief Information Officer

Bridgeport Public Schools


First answer:  We piloted several models of Chromebooks and evaluated many more (before settling on the Acer c720p touchscreen) so I would be happy to share this experience.  I could talk about this process for 3 minutes or 30 minutes -- I can be very flexible with whatever format you choose.

In past presentations, the audience has seemed most interested in our 3 year piloting process -- and the question of "iPad vs. Chromebook" and which model of Chromebooks to go with are definitely among the most popular.

Follow up answers (coming soon)