As a child in the manga.Bad ass teen samurai.Lemme go, you ugly broad!You should be glad Myojin Yahiko-sama is here!

Name: Myojin Yahiko

Nicknames: Tokyo Samurai, Brat, Punk

Age: 11

Weapons and Attacks: Bokken, Shinai, Sakabatou (as a teenager), a combination of Kamiya Kasshin and Hiten Mitsurugi

Love Interests: Tsubame

Closest Friends: Kenshin, Kaoru, Sano and Megumi

Enemies: Nagaoka Mikio, Hennya of the Juppongatana, Kujiranami Hyogo and Genbu of the Sushin

First appearance: Tokyo Arc

Biography: Yahiko is the son of a samurai who died fighting for the Shogitai shortly after he was born. After his father's death, his mother was reduced to prostituting herself to make enough money to shelter and feed her son. When Yahiko was seven, she died of syphilis. After his mother's death, the Shuei yakuza somehow got their clutches on Yahiko and made him steal for them. One day, while on a pickpocketing mission, he ran into Kenshin and tried to jack his wallet. Kenshin wanted to show mercy to the boy by letting him have the wallet, but Yahiko was having none of it, declaring that he didn't need charity from strangers. Kenshin was impressed by the boy's pride and told him so. This led Yahiko to want to quit the yakuza.

Personality Profile: Yahiko is proud, honorable and quick tempered. He believes in following the way of the samurai. He hopes someday to be a great swordsman like Kenshin. He and Kaoru don't always get along, especially when he calls her an ugly broad or bags on her cooking (poor Kaoru...). He often gets in little squabbles with Sano when he seems to act too big for his age. He likes to torment Sano by calling him Bird Brain. Although he's still very immature, Yahiko has the makings of a great swordsman if he stays on the straight and narrow and listens to the good advice of Kaoru and Kenshin.

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