Helena F. Deus, PhD

Director of Disruptive Technologies

Elsevier Labs


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Cambridge, MA



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Post-Doc in Computer Science/Knowledge Engineering (2011-2013) at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland Galway

PhD in Bioinformatics (2011) at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and the Institute for Chemical and Biological Technology, New University of Lisbon (ITQB/UNL)

THESIS: Improving Discovery in the Life Sciences using Semantic Web Technologies and Linked Data: Design Principles for Life Sciences Knowledge Organization Systems

BS in (Marine) Biology (2004) at University of Lisbon


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  1. SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING GENOMIC INFORMATION. App Number: 20150046191; Filed: Aug 19, 2014;  Inventors: Helena Futscher de Deus (Cambridge, MA), Rachel Lauren Erlich (Somerville, MA), Ronald David Collette (Dove Canyon, CA), Alexander N. Parker (Boston, MA), Michael Pellini (Dana Point, CA), Gary Palmer (Waltham, MA), Mary Pat Lancelotta (Somerville, MA), Matthew J. Hawryluk (Watertown, MA), Philip James Stephens (Lexington, MA), Eric Karl Neumann (Cambridge, MA), Jeffrey B. Collemer (Cumberland, RI) [pdf]


Mar 2017 - Present

Director of Disruptive Technologies at Elsevier


May 2014 - Feb 2017

Associate Director at Foundation Medicine, Inc (FMI)

Medical Knowledge Engineering

May 2013 - May 2014

Senior Scientist at Foundation Medicine, Inc (FMI)
Medical Knowledge Engineering


July 2012:May 2013

Unit Leader, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Unit at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland at Galway (DERI/NUIG)


Feb 2013:May 2013

Unit Leader, Health Care and Life Sciences Unit at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland at Galway (DERI/NUIG)


February 2011:May 2013

Post-Doctoral Research Associate and Adjunct Lecturer at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland at Galway (DERI/NUIG), Health Care and Life Sciences Unit

-       FP7 EU Project Coordination and Management (EU Sifem Project)

-       FP7 EU Leadership of Research Activities (EU GRANATUM Project, EU Linked2Safety Project, EU Sifem Project)

-       Coordinating the development of a Linked Data Space for Cancer Chemoprevention

-       Student Training and Mentorship through the SimSci ITN project


January 2010:February 2011

Project Manager at the Institute for Chemical and Biological Technology, New University of Lisbon (ITQB/UNL), Biomathematics Group

-       Devising a Semantic Web Information System for Epidemiology

-       Requirements gathering and Graphical User Interface Development


July 2006:December 2009

Graduate Research Assistant at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center,

Department of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (Houston, Texas, USA)

-         Development, Implementation and Validation of a Knowledge Organization System for Biomedical, Translational and Clinical Research (S3DB, http://s3db.org)


January 2005:July 2006

Research Assistant at the Institute for Chemical and Biological Technology, New University of Lisbon (ITQB/UNL)

                - Management, Curation and Development of a molecular epidemiology database


September 2003:September 2004

Researcher at Guia Marine Laboratory, University of Lisbon – LMG/FCUL

                - Experimental methods for detection of chemical perception in sea urchins



1. Molecular Epidemiology of gram-positive pathogens (2008-2012)

Awarded by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT). Total Budget: €200K

Roles: Budget holder, project manager, main developer


2. GRANATUM: A social collaborative working space semantically interlinking biomedical researchers, knowledge and data for the design and execution of in-silico models and experiments in cancer chemoprevention (2011-2013)

Awarded the European Union 7th Framework Project. Total Budget € 3M (~€400K per partner)

Roles: Project Manager and Leader of 2 workpackages (Linked Data Space; Software Evaluation)


3. Sifem: Semantic Infostructure interlinking an open source Finite Element Tool and libraries with a Model Repository for the multi-scale modeling of the inner-ear (2013-2016)

Awarded the European Union 7th Framework Project. Total Budget € 3M (~€400K per partner)

Roles: Project Coordinator and Leader of 2 workpackages (Management; Semantic Integration)


4. Linked2Safety: A Next-Generation, Secure Linked Data Medical Information Space for Semantically-Interconnecting Electronic Health Records and Clinical Trials Systems Advancing Patients Safety in Clinical Research (2011-2014)

Awarded the European Union 7th Framework Project. Total Budget € 3M (~€400K per partner)

Roles: Workpackage Leader (Semantic Integration)


5. Structured PhD Program in Simulation Sciences (2012-2016)

Awarded by the irish Higher Education Authority. My budget: €200K (2 PhD fellowships)

Roles: Co-Coordinator, budget holder and student supervisor


6. Academic Projects with Industry (Ontoforce and UCB)

Acquired the funding, and led the projects


7. The Foundation Medicine KnowledgeBase

Tactical Strategy and Implementation


  • Panelist: 1st Women in Data Science Conference
  • Panelist: Challenges of Linked Data (with Tim Berners-Lee, Jim Hendler, David Karger, Mona Vernon, David Wood), 26 Nov 2013
  • Dagstuhl Seminars: ICT Strategies for Bridging Biology and Precision Medicine, 18-23 Aug 2013
  • UC Davis Genome Center, 4 Dec 2012
  • NSF Discovery Informatics Workshop 2012, 2-3Feb 2012
  • W3C Technical Plenary Meeting, 02 Nov 2009


  • Judge at the FAIR Data Datathon at Bio IT World Expo 2017
  • Program Committee member at SeWeBMeDA-07: Semantic Web solutions for large-scale biomedical data analytics (full day workshop at ESWC2017)
  • Co-organizer of the Cambridge Semantic Web Meetup
  • Organizing Committee at CSHALS 2014
  • Program Committee at the Joint Workshop on Semantic Technologies Applied to Biomedical Informatics and Individualized Medicine (SATBI+SWIM) 2012
  • Program Committee at the Semantic Web Applications and Tools for the Life Sciences (SWAT4LS) 2012
  • Program Committee at the International Provenance and Annotation Workshop (IPAW) 2012
  • Program Committee at Bio-Ontologies 2012
  • Program Committee at the Semantic Web for Clinical and Translational Research Workshop at the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2012
  • Program Committee at the VIVO 2011


  • Finalist at the MIT Medicine Grand Hack 2017 (http://hackingmedicine.mit.edu/grandhack/)
  • Winner of the Semantic Web Challenge 2013 (Article citing the award) – Big Data Track. Awarded at ISWC 2013.
  • Best Paper Award and Winner of the Linked Data Cup 2013, iSemantics 2013
  • Best paper award at CSHALS 2014
  • Award: 2007 Trainee Excellence Award, M.D. Anderson's Alumni and Faculty Association: Incubation of Experimental Ontologies for Biomarker Identification in Ovarian Cancer
  • Award: 2008-2012 Bolsa de Doutoramento (PhD Scholarship) from the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)
  • Award: Science Foundation Ireland Short Term Travel Fellowship (2012)
  • Award: 2003/2004 Prodep III – Portuguese Program of Educational Development