#166 - Into the Nexus: “Genji’s Impact”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

Well, my first D.Va game on live was on Battlefield of Eternity. It went REAL well.

Non-Blizz Games on the Launcher?


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May 16th Patch

The patch this week brought in the latest hero D.Va, many balance changes, the Alarak and Tyrande reworks we discussed last week, and increased the number of Battlegrounds in rotation.

Talking Point: Have you played with Tyrande or Alarak on live?

Tyrande and Alarak changed from PTR

Tyrande - Down 3.4% to 44.3%. Lowest support hero except tassadar.

Alarak - Down .5 to 46.5%


Lv. 4


Dehaka - Down 5.9% to 44.1%. Lowest warrior except muradin

Dark Swarm (W)

Level 1

Level 7

Level 13


Battleground Rotation




​Initially, we are planning to update the Battleground Rotation 3 times per Ranked Season, and can adjust this frequency, as well as the number of Battlegrounds per rotation, as needed.

Big losers

Biggest Winners



Fun Patch Stuff

Dyrus Heroes AMA

Team Fights

People in HOTS definitely team fight better than people in league, I'm so sick of losing games because people don't group or get staggered like it's bronze overwatch. I would argue that objectives in HOTS are more important to fight for, but it all depends on the timings of both games which leads to team play or split pushing.

Carrying to Plat

It can be hard to carry with bad comps but you can carry yourself up to Plat by just soaking properly and fighting at talent power spikes. Carrying in league is just about out-laning your opponent and trying to get fed by drawing pressure or just getting kills

Favorite Roles

I am used to playing Bruisers so normally Warrior fits me the best but I have a ton of fun playing Assassins and Supports because they are so powerful. It is specific per map for example rag on infernal shrines is fun

Map Picks

Learning specific heroes for maps, the last lesson that chu taught me besides solo kills, soaking, and most importantly shotcalling is actually knowing the map. picking Sylvanas on a lot of waveclear maps like Infernal Shrines or Braxis Holdout generally turned into free wins if the enemy doesn't punish the pick.

I would pick Zarya on Towers of Doom and Curse Hollow to push and poke them off the objective, also depends on the chokepoints.

Understanding pick order and knowing how to play one of each role is really important to not get free losses


Any moba is more balanced than League. Seven years and they still can't find a good place for Ryze.

Jokes aside HotS is very balanced for how many maps there are. There are around 60 heroes with unique talents and you don't have to worry about OP masteries or items on every single character. ex:CoC, thunderlords, and most recently fervor bork meta.

From what I saw was OP in hots recently was Li Li Uther combo, Uther Diablo combo, Auriel, Tassadar, hypercarry combo, Varian is impossible to kill if you hit his parry too much. Gul’dan is crazy, Dehaka is honestly insane on big maps or 3 lane maps. Medivh is impossible to play against if he is a good player, Zeratul hard carries Hero League.

I can be wrong though, just from what I experienced there should be counters


Raptor Reward

Is awesome.


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Last wrote you was in June... 2015! I have to admit - I've not played much Heroes in the last year or so... up until 3 weeks ago! Mother of gods, did 2.0 hit hard!

Me and my Heroes buddies threw ourselves back at the Nexus. And much like the characters we play, we have yet to find our way out!

With this return, the itch came. The itch to once again submerge into the game fully. So here I am. At work. Designing web applications for dentists... while listening to Into The Nexus, wishing I was at home, playing the darn game!

Quick question; are you guys able to identify an arc of what (type of) Heroes you've played throughout the years? I myself am a Stitches & Uther guy, though I've got at least half the cast mastered. Curious if you're the same!

I'm running outta exclamation points, so I'll end it there ;)

Cya in the Nexus, and stay awesome!

- Dirk

ps.: Thanks once more for providing such excellent content. It's good to see some things never change!

Tyrande and Uther were my first loves. Then Arthas and Johanna. Then Zagara. Into a long stretch of trying to carry as Assassins like Raynor and Tychus. Mages shortly after. Li-Ming remains my favorite assassin to this day though. And now I’m a Tank again.

Heroes Timeline


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