The Purpose of AskteacherZ?

AskteacherZ are Two-TeacherZ committed to the advancement of public education. As FREE consultants to you in regards to education -- it’s our goal to help you, and us, expand our Professional Learning Network (PLN) and gain Professional Development (PD) opportunities through collaboration. Only through collegial interaction will we as educators continue our growth as lead learners in our classrooms and better serve the communities to which we’ve committed ourselves. Join us in our mission.  

Who are we and why are we qualified to consult? We are a married couple with over 40 years of teaching and administrative experience between the two of us in the State of Michigan. Our educational backgrounds span grades K through 12 along with having earned MA's in Counseling and U.S. History along with an Ed.S. Degree... and we still teach each and every day with a passion. The goal of this site is to assist students, parents, colleagues, coaches, aspiring educators, school board members, administrators, and especially, politicians in working together to create a better tomorrow through more quality educational dialogue.

Additionally, as we continue to develop this website it is also our mission to continually blog about education; update others on educational trends, and post recommendations for United States History and Elementary books; provide link access to other useful educational internet sites; post lesson plans we’ve used and developed; supply learning tools we have found useful (or not); as well as, any other thought provoking ideas on ways to better serve you. Thank you for visiting our site and we sincerely hope you have found it useful in some way or manner.Please note that while terming someone an "expert" on education is, in our opinion, rather nebulous in of itself, we do not consider ourselves as such. We are Educational Specialists going that extra “mile” to make our world a better place for All of us. Lastly, please review our DISCLAIMER on the usage of the AskteacherZ website.