House Rules for 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention

As per directive by the Robinsons Place Manila Management/Administration, the 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention (PCC) organizers are implementing the mall’s house rules for the 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention held on March 2nd and 3rd, 2013 at the Robinsons Place Manila Midtown Atrium. This is to ensure the security and  safety of both Cosplayers and mall-goers and to avoid any possible problems that can occur. Individuals refusing to abide by these house rules may be asked to leave the premises of the mall.

  1. ALL COSPLAYERS (both competing and non-competing) are required to register. Registration will be taken at the Registration Table located to the left side of the event stage. Cosplayers will be provided a number (Yellow for competing and White for non-competing) and must keep that number visible at all times. Cosplayers found without a number will be requested to register by the mall security.
  2. In observance with COMELEC national directive on gun ban, ALL FIREARMS or REPLICA FIREARMS are prohibited including airsoft. All bladed weapons made from any metal are likewise prohibited, even if they are blunted. Toy guns that can be mistaken for real firearms at a distance will be inspected by mall security.
  3. ALL COSPLAYERS are required to spend a maximum of 10 minutes in the public restrooms. Makeup, body paint or other time-consuming  preparations will not be allowed in the public restrooms. A Dressing  Room tent will be provided in the basement level (near Red Mango), but use will be restricted with competing Cosplayers having priority over non-competing Cosplayers. Make-up and other preparations can be done in the basement parking area, but not inside any of the public premises of the mall.
  4. Entrance for Cosplayers will be restricted to Pedro Gil main entrance (next to Starbucks) for individuals using public transportation or the basement parking entrance (near Red Mango) for those who will be parking their vehicles. Upon entry, security may redirect Cosplayers to the proper entrances when required including individuals who have their costumes inside their bags or luggage. and Hobbiworx, Inc. will not be responsible for any confiscated materials that might result from these house rules. Any complaints must be filed with the Robinsons Place Manila Management.