20+ Fidget Spinners Lessons!

Below you’ll find a collection of links to some of the most amazing lessons involving Fidget Spinners available today!

Great teachers who know how to engage kids created these. I’ve just pulled them together for you!

Denis Sheeran - Author: Instant Relevance, Using Today’s Experiences to Teach Tomorrow’s Lessons

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Spinner Math, by Harry O’Malley Including Teacher Page

Linear     Quadratic     Trigonometric     Calculus-ic

Graphing Times and Data Analysis Lesson

Desmos Fidget Spinner Model

Fidget Spinner Triple Digit Addition Game

Adding and Organizing Decimals by Aimee Ferguson

Data Collection, Rounding, Probability by Matt Porricelli

Division 3-ACT Task by Graham Fletcher

  Design Lessons

John Stevens 3d Printing Design Lesson

Fidget Toys: with Student Activity Page and Teacher Guide

Downloadable, 3D Printable Guides for Unique Spinner Designs

Instructables.com How To Guide

Erin Flanagan Fidget Spinners STEM Project

Build Your Own Lego Fidget Spinner

Bill Madden’s 3D Printing Math CC Lesson

Alana Stanton’s PBL School STem Design Lesson

 Zt47Eb_large.gif ELA Lessons Zt47Eb_large.gif

Julia Berlin: Fidget Spinners:

Paired Text Sets for Argumentative and Opinion Writing

Amy Davis: Fidget Spinner Debate Lesson

Amy Radford Persuasive Writing FlipGrid Activity

Persuasive Writing

Great Fidget Spinner Debate: Nicole Beardsley

 Zt47Eb_large.gif Other Lessons Zt47Eb_large.gif

World Language: Spanish Reading Exercise

A collection of all types from Twinkl.co

A collection from Teachers Pay Teachers

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