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PoE 2013 - Lab 1.5 & 2.0
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Lab 1.5 - To The Field!

Due: 26/27 September 2013


  You have now built a pan and tilt unit, and acquired a model of our diorama.  Were this not just an assignment, you would likely now test this system, and put it to real use.

  Before the next class (while parts are being ordered for your lab of choice), you must use your system to acquire data in two different settings, at least one of which is outside.  No “writeup” is necessary, but you should supply 3D renderings and a few photos of each setting.

Lab 2.0 - Choose Your Own Labventure!

Due: 3/4 October 2013

  For your final lab, you can choose from three different options.  You must complete one of them, and you must select the lab of your choice by the end of class on 23/24 September.  Parts will be ordered immediately, and delivered to the classroom.

Your choices are: