EUREKA - 7th & 8th  Grade Supply List

2018-19  School Year

Language Arts ( Nelson )                                        Language Arts (Gideon)

(1)  three ring binder  1 inch wide                                Composition Book

College ruled lined paper                                             Pens/pencils/erasers

One composition book

pens/pencils/ erasers

colored pencils that will stay in this classroom

Pencil bag to hold supplies, to be left in this binder

Math (Shay)                                                Math (Utter)

Spiral notebook or notebook paper                                 Pencils, Scientific calculator

One composition book

Highlighters/pencils/red pens

Pre-Alg (Shay)                                                Algebra (Shay)

        Three-ring binder & notebook paper                                Spiral notebook or notebook paper

One composition book                                        One composition book

Highlighters/pencils/red pens                                        Highlighters/pencils/red pens

Science (DeShazer)        

7th Grade:

Spiral notebook (100 pages)

Pocket Folder


8th Grade:


Spiral notebook (100 pages)

Pocket Folder


P.E. (Dunn)

Gym Shorts or Sweat Pants, Tennis Shoes

History (Hall)

(1) three ring binder, 1 inch wide

        Spiral notebook, 100 pages or more

        (1) box of colored pencils to keep in classroom




30 pencils (more is better!)

        Water bottles (please have one every day!)

        PE shoes


Elective Classes

(Art, Shop, Home Ec, Ethnic Studies, Robotics)

Pocket Folder, spiral notebook, pencils, class fee*

*Home Ec:  Cost of project

        *Shop:  $15 shop fee

*Art:  $5