Dear Salt Creek Families,

In addition to daily lesson plans I share, please use this document to provide opportunities of movement and active play for your child over this extended break. Each link in blue will  take you to different videos, slide shows, worksheets, PDF’s and more. All of these resources have been created and shared by different Health and P.E. Teachers from around the world. Most require little to no equipment. For those requiring equipment, if you do not have the items feel free to use what you have or modify as needed. If you should have any issues with the links please feel free to email me at  I will be happy to help you access these resources and answer any questions that come up. Be active. Be healthy.

                                                                - Mr Phillips


Glenn Higgins Superhero/Marvel Workout Videos (@GH_Fitness)

Superhero Battle Fitness (@PhysEdDepot)                

Superhero Choose your Adventure (@CoachPirillo)

Kids Quest Superhero Adventure ( @PhysEdDepot)

Simon Says (RM_SHES_PE)

Jump Start Jonny ( @_JumpStartJonny)

Jump Start Jonny live workout (@_JumpStartJonny) (Beachbody)

 Exercise/Fitness Routines with choice/chance/partners

Choice Warm-Up                Choice Warm-Up                5 Minute Warm-Up

Choose it Fitness                Would you Rather                Finger Fitness

Finger Fitness                Full Name Workout        Odd or Even Workout

Pick a Card Fitness        Rock Paper Scissors        Uno Fitness        

 Coin Flip it Fitness        Interstellar Workout        This or That                This or That                

Would You Rather



Tabata Workouts

What is a Tabata workout? Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high-intensity interval training(H.I.I.T.). It consists of eight rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval

Fortnite Tabata                Fortnite Tabata2                Old Town Road Tabata

Rock That Body                6 Single Slide Tabatas        Thunder Tabata


SHAPE ACTIVITY CALENDAR                Recipe for an Active Day

Cross Curricular

Kindergarten Math Fitness        Math Knockout Multiplication

Math Knockout Random                Brain BItes                Brain Bites                Brain Bites

ABC Bingo                                Roll-a-Story


Yoga + Balance Stunts                Yoga Poses                        Yoga Poses2

Yoga Poses 3                        Poses with Chair                Cosmic Kids Yoga        

Star Wars Mega Balances        Star Wars Body Poses


Mindful Minute (@physedreview)                                                                      


Brandon Herwick Youtube Channel                Andy Hair/Brandon Herwick        

Randy Spring                          DanSirs                          FitBeatz                        

Let’s Dance(light)                Let’s Dance(moderate)                Let’s Dance(vigorous)

Dance Pl3y                        Boom                Space Jam                Cotton Eyed Joe        

The Fred                        Ju Fu Kata                Better                Happy

The Goldfish                Cupid Shuffle        Rotten to the Core              Easy Love

Push it to the Limit 1        Push it to the Limit 2        Learn to Fly           Born to be Brave

What a man Gotta Do        Electricity Level 1                Electricity Level 2            Rise

Our Generation                Break this Down                Coming Home        Let it Go

123456        Superstar        One Foot        365 Days        Something Big

SUPER 7 ACTIVITIES: These are skill based challenges designed to be used as either an instant activity, a focus activity, or at a station.  If you have any of these items at home or something similar to challenge yourself.

Mike Morris Challenges

Bottle Flip Chaos        Tossing        Ghostbusters        Toss n Catch        Fan Favorite

Juggling Challenge: Use kleenex or other items you have access to.

Teacher at home packets

Kevin Tiller                                Capt’n Pete Packet                        Jason Denk        

Ben Landers                        Brian Hull

Tanner Roos

Noodle Exploration        Self Passing Challenges                Scarf Exploration

Bean Bag Exploration        


Matthew Holben’s Activity Share

Heart Hero Activities

Couch Exercises

Video Sets

Shoe Tying Lessons

SEL Lessons

Active Home Study Resources (Free downloads)

Health Triangle Log (@tc4pe)