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Imagine being a part of a company with clear vision, direction, teamwork and accountabilities for every person. And you not just being accountable, but being supported, coached and fostered in your career growth. We've created, and continue to improve, this exact environment where you can be the professional you want to be.

This is a Full-time, benefited position. And we have awesome benefits. We offer a continuing education allowance for approved courses, professional development, health, vision, dental, holidays, commuter benefit for public transit, and 25 paid time off days per year.

As the person at the front desk, you are an extremely important part of our team and are integral to taking care of our patients through making them feel comfortable, welcome, important and valued.

You will love being part of our team if you love working hard, caring deeply for your patients and want to work on a truly collaborative team. We don't have room for giant egos or passengers. Everyone contributes and pulls their weight and helps the other members of the team as much as they can whether it's in their job description or not. Nothing is "not my job".

Office Coordinator

San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy

This is what we call a role scorecard. It is a job description of sorts that tells you exactly what is important in the Office Coordinator position on our team. We have openings in San Francisco’s Financial District and Castro/Upper Market.

Read on to see if you think you’re a fit with us.

Date scorecard updated:

January 21, 2016

Functional Role:

Office Coordinator

This role reports to:

Director of Clinical Operations

Who reports to this role:


Purpose of the role:


Enhance the patient experience through great customer service, and support the effective operation of the clinic.

Key Accountabilities:


(Key duties + desired outcomes)

  • Answer phone calls, schedule patients, maintain waitlist, and return voicemails immediately
  • Collect payments from patients and insurance companies, log payments and prepare deposits at least 2 times a week.
  • Collect and accurately enter patient data in EMR system within 24 hours
  • Effective communication with patients, managers, and coworkers
  • Maintain the cleanliness and appearance of workspace and office
  • Assist with insurance authorizations and benefit checks
  • Manage records and correspondence for clinic
  • Other duties as directed by the clinic director and assistance for physical therapists as needed
  • Participate in weekly Employee Development Meetings

Company Core Values:




  • Give Respect. Earn Respect.
  • Do Good by Putting Patients First.
  • Be Self-Aware.
  • Practice Legally, Ethically and Honestly.
  • Act Now. Do It Today. Get Results.
  • Strive for Excellence and Knowledge.
  • Listen to Understand. Ensure Clarity. Engage with Candor.
  • Display your Optimism.


Key Performance Indicators:

Patient Scheduling



Copayment collection











Recruiting Requirements:

Behavioral Competencies:


1 - Customer Focus

2 - Time management/multitasking

3 - Resourcefulness/initiative

4 - Optimistic/Energy

5 - Team Player

6 - Adaptability

7 - Integrity

8 - Self Awareness

9 - Assertiveness / Persuasion

10 - Analysis/Problem Solving


AA degree or equivalent



Able to communicate clearly and with sensitivity

Able to use empathic listening and de-escalation techniques

Able to demonstrate proficiency with computer and EMR software

Able to demonstrate attention to detail and organizational skills

Able to follow rules and guidelines as defined by management


At least 1 year of customer service experience

At least 1 year office experience

Preferred 1 year experience in a healthcare delivery field or equivalent

Preferred career goal of entering healthcare field (i.e. Pre-PT, pre-nursing, etc.)

To Apply: Please review all of the items in the above Role Scorecard and send your resume/CV along with the answers to the following questions to

Why do you want to join the team at San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy?

Describe a time when you exceeded a customer/patient’s expectations.

Describe a time when you failed at something and how you handled it. What did you learn?

Please follow the process above as it is the same for any member of our team. We take seriously selecting those who would join our team and take care of our patients.