MOC General Meeting Minutes

January 15, 2014


Trip Reports


Robyn stood outside for 7 hours at a concert!


Amandine went ice-climbing for the first time and also learned a new game – Canoe polo. It is a very bloodthirsty sport, not for the weak of heart.


Evalyn tried to skate on the road at the exec retreat somewhat successfully!  


Emma checked out a lake near the house. The group snowshoed one by one on the lake. Very smart. They ran as the ice started to creak!


Alex was in Greece near Mount Olympus. Zeus was not there. He forgot to check Zeus’ office hours.



Trip Announcements


Telemark skiing. Lift your heels! Emma is running an intro to telemark skiing trip on January 25th at Mount Sutton. Check out her email that she has sent out on the listserv for some sweet videos of what you could do! $60 total cost. Contact her if you are interested in doing an intermediate trip later on this semester.


Amandine is running “Freaks on Planks” on February 7th-8th.  She will be taking signups and sending out an email next week. The cost will be $150 and includes house stay, food, gear, and lift tickets. It is a beginner trip, so don’t be shy – skiers and snowboarders welcome! If you want to be an instructor, email her or signup!


The Olympics are happening this weekend at the house! Signups are still happening! Sock wrestle with people you have never talked to before. Learn how to hurdle in showshoes. Build quinzees. It is only $20 for the weekend! Cool people will be coming from Cornell, Guelph, Ottawa, Queens, Sherbrooke, all over the place!!! Queens has been practicing their sock wrestling skills…. Watch out.


AJ, our beautiful and talented Winter Recreation exec is running New Member’s weekend on the 25th and 26th of January. Total cost will be $35 for house fees, meals, gear, and a ride. Cost is cheaper for drivers! Come if you are not a new member too– everyone is welcome! There will be a variety of classic MOC games, every outdoor activity you can think of, and friends!  


Caroline is running an intro to ice climbing trip on January 31st-February 2nd. It will be a $50 deposit, $100 total. There probably won’t be any spots left after tonight. Talk to Caroline or email her if you are interested in climbing with her, she wants to plan more trips!


Chris will be running an intro to mountaineering trip on January 25th to 26th. Whoever comes will be going to Mount Washington in New Hampshire with guides. You’ll learn how to use crampons, ice axes and a bit of ice climbing as well! You should know how to take care of yourself in the outdoors as you will be camping (yes, in January).  $235 total! Contact Chris if you are interested.