Welcome Center ;  The Hub for the Grid - Enjoy Shopping in the various FREEBIE Shops surrounding the Welcome Center


Holdon ; Designed and built by JayR Cela this sim is a maze of plantlife, caves and beauty.  Worth a good walk through.  Lots of Freestuff from JayR in his Freebie Blue Dome too


Sweetwater ; Free Land Parcels here to get new Residents started.  The Sim has a free housing fair in the sky or the new residents can build their own


Sandbox ; Just what it says - for your building pleasure - also has a great tutorial you can follow


Willowloon ; TheKaz’s first adult Sim,  a castle on a hill,  eerie windlight… misty and exciting.  Adults only please

Snapshot _ Willowloon, Willowloon (175, 75, 33) - Adult.jpg

Empire Blues Club & Bar ;  Blues club & bar - select your music,  dance with a partner or with a NPC! Amazing.


Gorean Mainland ; 16 Sims Large Gorean Mainland under development

Anyone interested in helping develop this is welcome.  Scripters, Builders, Clothing Makers normal and mesh, and if you just want to come here and roleplay you are most welcome