Curriculum Vitae



Contact Details:

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering                        

Noakhali Science and Technology University

Sonapur, Noakhali-3814


Mobile: +8801717300701, +8801911200209


Research interest:

My research interest includes a number of areas such as Material Sciences, Polymer Chemistry, Surface Chemistry, Physical, Inorganic, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry etc. Among all the works, I focused on the fabrication of composite materials using different polymers by extrusion and compression molding method. The properties of the fabricated materials were studied with different methods.      

Present Status: (15 March, 2012-till date)

Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Noakhali Science and Technology University, Noakhali, Bangladesh


Scholastic Records:

1) Masters of Science in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Ø  Institution : University of Dhaka

Ø  Year of passing        : 2007 (Exam held in 2009)

Ø   Result                      : First Class


2)  Bachelor of Science (4 Years) in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology:

Ø  Institution : University of Dhaka

Ø  Year of passing        : 2006 (Exam held in 2008)

Ø   Result                      : First Class


3)  Higher Secondary Certificate

Ø  Institution : Govt. Asheq Mahmud College

Ø  Group                       : Science

Ø  Year of passing        : 2001

Ø   Result                      : First Division


4)  Secondary School Certificate

Ø  Institution : Rajibpur Pilot High School

Ø  Group                       : Science

Ø  Year of passing        : 1999

Ø   Result                      : First Division

MSc Thesis Title:


Effects of UV & γ-irradiation on the mechanical and degradation properties of LLDPE/Bijoypur White Clay composites.




(1)   Kamol Kanta Sharker, Mubarak A. Khan, Shauk M. M. Khan and Rafiqul Islam, (2015). “Preparation and Characterization of Tin Oxide based Transparent Conducting Coating for Solar Cell Application” International Journal of Thin Films Science and Technology (Impact Factor: 0.938), Volume 4, No. 3, Page 243-247.


(2) Ruhul A. Khan , Mubarak A. Khan, Towhidul Islam, Farah Nigar, Rafiqul Islam, Suvasree Saha, A. I. Mustafa (2012), “Fabrication and Characterization of Jute Fiber Reinforced PVC Based Composite”, Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials (Impact Factor: 0.86),  Volume 25(1), Pages 45-58.


(3) Rafiqul Islam, Towhidul Islam, Ruhul A. Khan, Mubarak A. Khan, Haydar U. Zaman,  Farah  Nigar, Suvasree Saha and A.I. Mustafa (2011). “Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Jute Fabrics Reinforced Polyvinyl Chloride/Polypropylene Hybrid Composites” International Journal of Polymeric Materials (Impact Factor: 0.45), Volume 60(8), Pages 576-590.


(4) Ruhul A. Khan, Mubarak A. Khan, Anjan K. Das, Suvasree Saha, Towhidul Islam, Rafiqul Islam, Farah Nigar and M. Saha (2011), “Comparative Studies of Mechanical and Interfacial Properties Between Jute Fiber/PVC and E-glass Fiber/PVC Composites”, Polymer Plastic Technology and Engineering (Impact Factor: 0.55), Volume 50(1), Pages 153-159.


(5) Mubarak A. Khan, Rafiqul Islam, Towhidul Islam, Farah Nigar, Nazia Rahman, M. Mizanur Rahman, A. I. Mustafa (2010).“Effect of UV and Gamma Radiation on the Mechanical and Degradation Properties of LLDPE-Clay Composites”. Journal of Advanced Materials Research,Volume 123-125, Pages 415-418.


(6) Ruhul A. Khan, Haydar U. Zaman, Mubarak A. Khan, M. A. Gafur, Farah Nigar, Towhidul Islam, Rafiqul Islam, Suvasree Saha, M. Mizanur Rahman and A.I. Mustafa, (2010). “Effect of the Incorporation of PVC on the Mechanical Properties of the Jute Reinforced LLDPE Composite” Polymer Plastics Technology and Engineering (Impact Factor: 0.55), Volume 49, pages 707-712.


Language Proficiency:

·    Bengali as mother tongue.

·    Excellent command over reading, writing and speaking English.

·    Completed German Language course (Junior Language Course)


Personal Information:

Father’s Name               : Md. Almas Hossain

Mother’s Name              : Most. Abiron Nesa

Date of Birth                  : 15/08/1983

Nationality                     : Bangladeshi (by birth)

Marital Status                : Married

Blood Group                  : O (+) ve

Permanent Address             : Vill: Sonakura, P.O: Kawniarchar, P.S: Dewanganj, Dist: Jamalpur  


Self Appraisal:

·         Optimistic and positive thinking.

·         Ability to cope up with different situation.

·         Capable to lead, negotiate and motivate.

·         Co-operative, innovative & good communication skills.

·         Energetic and hard working.

·         Self-driven, amicable & able to handle stress.




1.      Dr. Mohammed Mizanur Rahman


Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

University of Dhaka

Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh


Mobile: +8801710417260 & +8801911269889


2.      Dr. Newaz Mohammed Bahadur

Associate professor and Chairman

Dept. of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Noakhali Science and Technology University

Noakhali-3814, Bangladesh


Mobile: +8801911110671