T3P3 Kossel Mini Kit

Assembly Instructions

Chapter 16 - Effector Final Assembly

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As of January 2015 the T3P3 Kossel Mini kit is available with either a J-head hot-end as standard, or an E3D V6 all-metal hot-end as an extra-cost option. Part 1 of this Section, Sections 1601 to 1604, covers effector assembly with a J-head hot-end and Part 2, Sections 1605 to 1607, covers assembly with an E3D V6 hot-end. Sections 1608 and 1609 apply to both hot-ends.


1601 Effector Final assembly with J-head - parts needed

Hot-end fan assembly for J-head

Assembled J-head hot-end

Z-probe assembly

Pushfit pneumatic connector 4mm/M5

Molex Microfit female housing

M3 x 14 socket capscrews x 3 (not shown)

M3 x 16 socket capscrews x 2 (not shown)

PTFE Bowden tubing

1602 Fit push-fit hose fitting

The effector plate is supplied with the central hole already tapped M5 for the hose fitting.  

Screw the hose fitting in and tighten.

1603 Fit hot-end to fan bracket

Insert the hot-end groove in the mating slot in the printed fan bracket and push fully into place.

1604 Fit Z-probe holder and hot-end

Fit 2 M3 x 16 capscrews through the probe-holder base and fit it to the effector at the back - closest to the Z-tower carrying the extruder.

Fit 3 M3 x 12 capscrews through the remaining 3 holes in the effector plate.

Fitting the hot-end is easiest carried out with the printer on its side. Align it so that the fan will be at the front - the X-Y side.

Note: The fan-duct/hotend-mount supplied since October 2014 has lugs for mounting an additional print cooling fan (not supplied). If you plan to fit a second fan, then you should fit the fan duct rotated at 60 degrees to what is described here. For more details see this blog.

Insert the top of the J-head into the hole in the underside of the effector plate.  Align the tapped holes in the fan bracket with the socket capscrews, with the fan facing the X-Y side of the printer, and do up the capscrews evenly. Do not overtighten the capscrews or you you will strip the tapped threads in the plastic.

NOTE: We have modified the effector plate with a circular boss on the underside so the part of the J-head sticking out of the fan bracket fits fully into the hole in the plate. The picture shows an un-modified effector with a gap between bracket and effector, but you should end up with the 2 parts fitting neatly and firmly together.

Drop the long leg of the Z-probe down the hole in the probe-holder.  It should pass through the unused bolt-hole in the effector and just fit past the J-head. With the probe in the retracted (up) position, fit the pen spring and screw terminal from below, fully compress the spring and tighten the screw-terminal .

Trigger the probe by flicking the short leg past the safety-pin spring into the deployed position and confirm it is pushed down hard enough by the springs to activate the microswitch - you should hear it click.

Push the probe leg back up past the safety-pin spring and check that it retracts correctly.

Repeat several times to confirm that the probe will work reliably. You may need to grease the brass rod.

Now go on to Section 1608.


1605 Effector Final assembly with E3D V6 - parts needed

Assembled V6 hot-end (Chapter 8)

Hot-end fan assembly for V6 (Chapter 8)

Z-probe assembly for V6 (Chapter 7)

M3 x 14 socket capscrews x 3 (not shown)

M3 x 16 socket capscrews x 2 (not shown)

Molex Microfit female housing

PTFE Bowden tubing

1606 Fit V6 to 40mm fan

Insert the hot-end groove in the mating slot in the printed 40mm fan mount and push fully into place. Zip-tie all the wires together as shown.

1607 Fit Hot-end and Z-probe to effector

Fit 2 M3 x 16 capscrews through the probe-holder base and fit it to the effector at the back - closest to the Z-tower carrying the extruder.

Insert the top of the V6 into the recess in the effector from below, align the bolt holes and partially tighten the 2 capscrews through the Z-probe. Fit 3 M3 x 14 capscrews through the remaining mounting holes in the effector, and do up all 5 bolts firmly and evenly. Do not overtighten or you will strip the threads tapped in the plastic.

1608 Complete the hot-end wiring (for both types of hot-end)

Identify the correct orientation of the Molex Microfit female crimp housing before inserting pre-crimped cable ends.

This is a view of the top and front. The top has a triangular bump for latching the mating plug.

The front has 8 rectangular holes, some of them with fillets in one corner to prevent the plug being fitted upside down.

This is a view of the top and rear of the plug. The crimps are inserted into these holes, which do not have any corner fillets.

A close-up of the inside of the housing, taken from the back, shows small bumps hanging down inside the sockets.

The crimps pre-fitted to the hot-end, probe and fan cables must be inserted into the housing with the open side facing upwards as shown, so as to fit past the bumps. The latching tabs on the crimps are very small, delicate and easily damaged!

Insert the 2 red hot-end heating resistor/cartridge cables in the top 2 left-side sockets of the housing. Orient them as described above, push in firmly and you should feel a slight click as they latch in. Do not force them - if they won’t go in they may be wrongly oriented. Remove, check and try again. Once they latch in correctly they cannot be removed without a special tool.

Repeat for the 2 green thermistor cables top right.

The Z-probe and fan pins are similarly inserted in the bottom row. Turn the housing over to do this, remembering to turn the crimp pins over as well! The order is, from left to right, the 2 black Z-probe wires, then the black fan wire and finally the red fan wire on the outside.

If you have a V6 hot-end you should also connect the 40mm fan wires to the separate yellow/black twisted fan wires, aligned as shown.

Zip-tie the cables together a little way below the housing to complete.

1609 Fit Bowden Tube

For J-head, cut off 450mm from the 1m length of 4mm OD 2mm ID PTFE tubing supplied. For V6, cut off 500mm. Insert one end in the  push-fit connector in the effector (for V6, in the hot-end), push well down as far as it will go, …..

 and insert the other end in the matching connector in the extruder, …

to complete the job.