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Seeking the opportunity to utilize my extensive experience with, understanding of, and excitement for software architecture, development, and technologies to foster interesting and innovative software projects and solutions.


Principal Software Engineer, — 2018-Present

Designed processes and implemented strategy for iteratively migrating Philanthropy Cloud from monoliths to microservices. This entailed defining domain services and their architectural changes, outlining the refactoring phases, enhancing all aspects of  testing, and the complete overhaul of the developer experience (DX) to ensure consistency from development through production.

The DX is a significant undertaking and resulted in updates that include but not limited to

Principal Architect, Xevo, Inc. — 2017-2018

Primary backend contributor to our GM Marketplace microservice architecture, designing and implementing the AWS-terraformed infrastructure, security models, and the tooling to automate deployments.

Designed and implemented solutions for company-wide infrastructure standardize, primarily utilizing Hashicorp Terraform to ease integration with resources deployed across various teams, provide a consistent means of managing and deploying sensitive data, and to avoid resource-naming collisions.

Chief Architect/Lead Developer, Spatially — 2012-2017

Designed and implemented an internet-scale parallel/distributed spatial computation-engine accessible through secure, cogent microservice based APIs for delivering proprietary spatial analytics to authenticated, registered third parties.

Principal Software Engineer, Oracle Corporation — -2012

Improve performance, scalability and reliability of Oracle Business Intelligence solutions.

Designed and developed core services and libraries in Java for Oracle’s current and next generation Enterprise Applications utilizing JEE concepts including Web Services, Servlets and Oracle's ADF Business Components making extensive use of Java, JavaScript, XML/SOAP.

Proposed, designed, and developed automated procedures performance analysis of Oracle databases and applications to discover and resolve bottlenecks, contention, and bugs requiring utilization of deep knowledge of Oracle products as well as solid Linux knowledge and skills. Competencies ranged from legacy products utilizing C, ProC, SQL, SQL*Net to use of large Oracle Exadata hardware running the TimesTen in-memory database.


University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida Bachelor of Science, Computer Science


Proven track-record architecting and deploying resilient, secure, distributed microservice infrastructures primarily utilizing Docker, Terraform, and Amazon Web Services. Extensive experience with scalable software architectures and deployments and programming languages including Go, Scala, Kotlin, Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl, C, and Objective-C.