Longleaf Consortium Loans (Transits)

When certain materials are not available at a branch, for whatever reasons, patrons are offered the option of having the requested item shipped to their desired pickup location, if the item is available at another CJRL branch or Longleaf Consortium Branch.  As with all loaned materials, the sending branch has the final decision regarding whether materials can be loaned.  Such conditions that may warrant not filling a transit loan request are the age of the material, the format of the material, and local demand for the material.

Patrons will be notified when requested materials are ready for pickup at the requested branch.  

Patrons who demonstrate a pattern of requesting transit materials and not picking them up when they are notified, may have their transit privileges suspended for three months.

InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary loan materials are processed through headquarters.  Each year there are funds budgeted to offset the anticipated shipping costs associated with sending ILL requests to libraries outside of the Longleaf consortium.  CJRL makes a good faith effort to fill all ILL requests.  However, in order to control costs, a number of procedures will be enforced.

      location as the ILL manager or able to be routed to the ILL manager within 3

     days without additional costs to CJRL.

      local demand will not be processed.

Materials are available through interlibrary loans as a free service available to patrons who have established a record of responsible patronage.  Due dates are set by the lending library and may not coincide with CJRL lending periods.  Overdue charges are set at CJRL rates plus any additional charges processed by the lending library.  ILL requests are limited to 2 in-process requests per patron.


Policy’s Procedural Implementation

Items are loaned for 40 days.  

Renewals are not allowed.