1. Positions open for Election this AGM:
  1. Chairman - (presently Ian Chechet)
  2. Ian Chechet
  1. Treasurer - (presently Mike McEachern)
  2. Mike McEachern
  1. Webmaster - (presently Daryl Greaser)
  2. Taylor Woods
  3. Joshua Austill
  1. (Positions of Vice Chair, Secretary, and Member-at-Large are all halfway through a 2-year term)
  1. (Ian Chechet) Proposal to establish regional trip coordinators. Trip coordinators will be responsible to schedule a caving trip every 2 months, open for all, to occur shortly after a pub night. Regions suggested would be Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, Kalispell, Great Falls, Helena, and Butte.
  2. (Ellen Whittle) Proposal to establish an annual scholarship fund which will be open to application by members with a caving project, international or local. I suggest a special emphasis on conservation projects ($500 total limit), which will be reviewed by the executive officers. The scholarship should have the flexibility to be split between multiple parties in the case of several convincing applications.
  3. (Ellen Whittle) Proposal to amend the NRMG’s bylaws to include the following statement: The Northern Rocky Mountain Grotto does not and shall not discriminate members on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, national origin, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. I also propose that this statement be included on our website.
  4.  (Galen Jamison) Proposal to establish a youth caving organization at Whitefish High School which will educate the next generation about clean, safe, caving practices. Such an organization would require no funding, as the Whitefish High School premises are available free of charge and local trips could be coordinated by volunteer members in the area. This youth organization could also be a valuable asset during the 2018 NSS Convention in Whitefish by providing a team of young, energetic, volunteers excited about caving. I personally would be responsible for the start and upkeep of the organization along with the help of Andy Belski and Kyle Fedderly, an avid caver and English teacher at WHS. The start date for this organization would be fall of 2017. (Note: I am currently on exchange in Norway and therefore cannot present this idea at the AGM. However, I will start working on it (if there is no opposition, of course) when I return this July. If anybody has a good name acronym for the organization in question please let me know).
  5.  (Zach Angstead)Proposal to establish a grotto library/librarian.The grotto should attempt to keep a physical library of NRMG newsletters, newsletters of past Montana grottos and NSS articles that mention Montana caving. An effort should be made to ensure that information is available to Grotto members in physical and digital formats, with an emphasis on digital formats. Also an effort should be made to ensure historical documents on Montana caving are preserved for current and future Montana cavers.   
  6. (Zach Angstead) Proposal to amend the bylaws by addition to the standing rules  to read. “The Webmaster position is critical for the NRMG to maintain contact between members, to recruit new members, and for public outreach. As such, it shall be an elected position, voted on every year by the members of the NRMG. Nominations for webmaster shall be available to all members a minimum of 30 days before the vote occurs. The elected individual shall be entitled to free NRMG membership, and free attendance at all NRMG hosted events. The Webmaster may choose a committee to assist in building, maintaining, and testing the website. They will work closely with the Executive Council and the NRMG membership to create a site that fits the needs of the NRMG.”
  7. (Ian Chechet) Propose that all Lewis and Clark Caverns Employees receive free NRMG membership for the full time that they are employed at the caverns if they so wish.
  8. (Zach Angstead) Proposal to amend the by-laws by the addition to the standing rules to read: “The NRMG may grant a “Distinguished Lifetime Membership”, with all benefits of paid membership, Due Free, to those members of the NRMG or past Montana grottos or organizations (i.e. Shining Mountain Grotto, Lake Missoula Grotto, Montana Speleological Survey), who have contributed significantly to caving and the understanding of caves in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Members may be nominated yearly at the Annual Grotto Meeting and voted upon by the NRMG membership via secret ballot at the AGM. Up to one member per year may be chosen.
  9.  (Ian Chechet) Talk about $300 NCRC Level 1 Scholarship
  10.  (Zach Angstead) Encourage membership in the NSS and a brief explanation of the benefits


-Securing enough Coffee, Muffins, Fruit, Bagels for the both mornings (you’ll be reimbursed)

  1. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Wildlife Division (Sunday morning)
  2. Zach Angstead

-Registration Table (must be willing to register folks coming in when they arrive, accept payments, etc)

  1. Rick Bischoff
  2. Maryalice Chester

-Cooking and Organizing Dinner (you’ll be reimbursed and get to eat for free! If 4 people help it should be super easy)

  1. Amanda Hagerty
  2. Ann Brooks
  3. Juan Laden
  4. McCall Angstead

-Running a timer during presentations

  1. Doug Warner

-Organize Several AGM group photos. (going into Lewis and Clark Caverns on Sunday, following the meeting Saturday morning, etc)

-Organize "speleolympics" event at campgrounds Saturday night

  1. Carl Froslie
  2. Will Boekel

-Merchandise Sales(wo)man (accept cash for t-shirts, stickers, patches, etc)

  1. Helen Fee
  2. Juan Laden