Mummy ManThe strong live and the weak die.I will make this country strong. That is the justice I will bring.

Name: Shishio Makoto

Nicknames: Mummy Man?

Age: 37?

Weapons and Attacks: Mugenjin, Guren Kaina, Homura Dama, Kaguzuchi

Love Interests: Komagata Yumi

Closest Friends: Sadojima Houji and Seta Sojirou

Enemies: Kenshin, Saitou, Aoshi, Sanosuke

First appearance: Kyoto Arc

Biography: After Hitokiri Battousai emerged from the shadows to function as a mobile striker, Shishio took over the role of shadow assassin. Shishio was every bit as good as Battousai at what he did. The problem was, he was too good. Whereas the Ishin Shishi had valued Battousai for his loyalty, they feared Shishio and his growing lust for power. After the last battle of Toba Fushimi, they shot him in the head and burned his body. Despite this, Shishio survived.

For ten years, Shishio lurked in the shadows, gathering strength, wealth and power. He created a crime syndicate called the Juppongatana or Ten Swords, some of the deadliest criminals and assassins in Japan, including Yukyuzan Anji and Sojirou the Tenken. Shishio set in motion plans to overthrow the Meiji government by burning Kyoto to the ground, bombing Tokyo and setting up his own government in which the strong preyed on the week.

Personality Profile: Shishio is very arrogant due to his sword abilities. He believes that he is stronger than everyone else and as such, is the only fit leader for Japan.

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