ctk-30-30.pngcol-30-30.png This is… Pentecost weekend on the worldwide church calendar and locally, it’s First Communion weekend. Pentecost is the third biggest celebration on the Christian calendar, recalling the gift of Jesus’ Spirit to his people. We claim that Spirit always but especially on a day like today, where our third graders receive their First Communion. What an exciting and Spirit-filled day for them. Please keep them in your prayers that their faith can grow and that others may look at them and see the love of Jesus at work.  

We welcome the following students to the Lord’s Table as they celebrate their First Communion:

Max Adams, Ben Botsch, Ava Bruce, Ananya Ebenezer, Kenley Fogltanz,

Miley Gill, Evelyn Groneck, Alex Hahn, Audrey Heideman, Aggie Indermuehle,

Samantha James, Kaleigh Jolliff        , Sam Kerr, Kiley Keup, Kendall Klick,

Lauren Koremenos, Brady Lettenberger, Jax Lettenberger, Evelyn Maassen,        Arianna McCumber, Adrik Nellis, Tommy Oldenburg, Drew Olsson,                Anna O’Rourke, Evan Prescott,         Maddie Rader, Clyde Reay, Erica Ruiz Maynard,

Liesey Schaefer, Zack Steichen, Cami Stiedaman        

Cake!  After all of this weekend’s services, join us in the Fellowship Hall for a little cake and a chance to celebrate with our First Communion kids.

Adult Education Hour Offerings: At CTK, join us for Bible Study at 9:00 a.m. in the library. At COL, Join us for Bible Study at 9:30 a.m. in Room 202. Or catch the forum in the north fellowship hall.