iPad Magic!

How Dad Likes His New IPad - 32 second video

A  daughter is visiting her father and is helping in the  kitchen. 

She asks: "Tell  me dad, how are you managing with the new

iPad we gave you for your birthday?"

This clip is spoken in German but it's totally understandable in any language.


iPad Tips

Attaching photos to emails

If you are having trouble attaching photos to emails follow these steps:

Go to your email, select compose, add your contacts then the subject. Hit the home button then go to photos. Tap on the photo you want to send and it will say copy. Tap on that then tap the home button and go back to your email. Tap on the body of the email and tap on paste. Your photo will appear in the email!


A new feature on the iPad is called KeyChain. It saves all of your login information so you don't need to enter it each time. Here’s an iPad Pete video that shows you how to use it.


    iPad User Guide