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2015-2016 DERT Information

Meetings / Time Commitment

        Fall / Pre Season School start- December 10

Fall Meetings – most Thursdays 6-8

VEX Competition – October 31

DERTy Bootcamp – November 7-8

Build Season January 9 – February 23

Kickoff – January 9

Meetings - MTThF  5-8:30 & Saturdays 10-6

               - W 6-8 for Mechanical and Electrical only

DERTy Diner – MTThF Dinners and lunch on Saturday – parent provid

DERTy Snack and Study – MTThF after school until 5

Competition Season February 23 - April 2 (could push to end of April with Champs berth)

        Meetings - MTThF  5-8:30 & Saturdays 10-6

                 - W 6-8 for Mechanical and Electrical only

DERTy Diner – MTThF ends at first competition

DERTy Snack and Study – MTThF after school until 5 ends at first competition

Late Spring/Summer April - August

        Meetings - once a week-ish most likely Thursdays

        Year End Family Celebration (early May)


Requirements to attend




Hours Needed

Outreach Events

Central Illinois Regional

Bradley University

March 17-19



Queen City Regional

Cincinnati, OH

March 31-April 2 (spring break!)



There are requirements for meeting attendance and outreach event attendance in order to be allowed to go to the competitions. They are outlined in the table above. Please direct any questions to

Registration on USFIRST

Students need to sign up on this produces an email to parents to approve. Please keep an eye out for it. Some families have reported no email if a parent account exists.

Contact Information 

Please sign up for our – @teamdert or text @teamdert to 81010. This is the primary means of communication. Email with any questions:

Our website:

Social Media

Please like us, tweet us, plus one us or otherwise help us “make it loud”

Facebook - and

YouTube -

Twitter - @DERT2040

Google+ -

Team Fees



Date Due


DERTy Bootcamp

If attending



Team Fee



If joining after 10/22, due asap

DERTy Diner Fee



Refunded after providing a meal

2nd (travel) Regional Fee

If attending



Central Illinois Regional Fee  

If attending




Sucker Sales

Students can buy a bag of 20 suckers for $20 to sell at school for $1 each. Over $10 goes into trip account.


Let us know if you want someone “flocked”

Restaurant Nights

Sponsorships by businesses

DERTy Diner

Dinner is served MTThF during build season. A complete meal is provided by the student families. has the resources you need. The calendar is maintained by volunteerspot. Approximate numbers are a full meal for 45 with entree and side with a non-meat option for about 8. Allergies/food concerns are also posted there.  If you bring a complete meal, diner fee will be refunded

Students will be asked to let us know when they will be at dinner a week ahead of time via VolunteerSpot signup. Students should register their attendance by midnight the prior Thursday.


We are always looking for mentors! This table contains a list of areas we need help. If you are interested or know someone who might be, contact a current mentor.


Help develop safety animation video

Business / Marketing

Assist with team marketing and creating a team business plan. Sponsor relationships.


Teach students on the team how to CAD (computer aided design)


Show students how to wire, organize an electrical board, and update and check the robot

Engineering Design

Work with the team to pick a strategy, design a robot, and manage robot creation


Help students manage team funds and assist with fundraising

Graphic Design

Create banners, logos, team handouts, and T-shirts for competitions


Help the students design and build a robot


Help team take and organize photos or videos

Practice Field

Assist with building the practice field pieces for this season’s game


Work with the students to program the robot for competition

Project Management

Work with students to set time and performance goals to meet deadlines, etc


Assist with the design of the robot and teach the students how to create basic prototypes

Public Speaking

Teach the students how to speak in front of potential Sponsors and Judges

Social Media

Work with students to set up and manage social media sites

Team Coach-in training

We will need a new coach for next year. You could be in training for this year!

Travel Logistics

Organize the team travel to regional events outside of the local area


Teach students how to build and manage a website


Assist with team award submissions, newsletters or  blogs


Help the team create and edit videos, championship, wrapup, vlogs


The website is usually the best place to start. If you belong to remind, you can send a message directly to Mrs. Unser. You may also