Car accident - 3C’s - Causes, Compensation & Claims

Human life has been known for its unpredictability since the good as well as bad happens without any substantial signs.

Have you ever thought, what might happen to you and the family driving in a car if, God Forbid, your car meets with an accident? There will be losses all around for you and the family be it, physical, mental or financial. Some natural acts including vis major are impulsive, but are preventable or reparable to some extent. Read to know what can be done in such kinds of untoward occurrences to minimize the losses[1].  

Causes of car accidents:

The accident can be caused either by your own or some other person’s negligence. In the latter case, the things might get a bit easier for you as you are likely to retrieve the claims for your car damage[2] either by your own insurance company or by the insurer of the guilty person.

Insurance status

In both cases, the thing that is of prime importance is the status of insurance of the vehicles damaged in an accident. You must be familiar with whether you have a comprehensive or third-party insurance. Moreover, make sure you’re not carrying an expired insurance in your car docs.  An all-inclusive insurance enables you to get your car damaged in an accident repaired easily by the insurer. Having third-party insurance, you may have to wait a bit longer before getting your claimed amount. It’s better if you know the insurance status of the other person’s vehicle as it would be beneficial for you[3] to make accidental claims stronger in the future.

Physical injuries:

In a car accident, you’re likely to get physically hurt followed by the sustained injuries[4], unless you carry a significant share of luck and get saved by thread. You need to analyze to what extent your physical body has been hurt and how much money will be required for the hospitalization, medication and rehabilitation.  Your claims must be made according to the all medical related bills plus, keeping in mind the expenses to be required in the future to recover fully or for the regular checkups.

Be cautious over the unwanted things, which can happen to you after meeting an accident, are as follows:

  1.  The other person’s insurer may refuse to return the money as he has a third party[5] or expired insurance[6].
  2.  You may be receiving lesser money than the amount required to cover up all your expenses since your insurance has expired.
  3.  When it comes to getting the money back spent at the time of physical healing, you are required to produce each and every authenticated bill detailing your medical history.
  4.  In addition to that, you mayn’t assess exactly the future costs that may be required in case your past injury appears again.
  5.  There are various other problems that drift along after you meet an accident. Like, besides going through physical and financial losses[7], sometimes a person is confronted by psychological problems, including slow reflexes, lack of concentration, drop in official performances, a persisting fear, loss of job, prolonged body aches and so forth.
  6.  Even a fatal accident can make a person physically challenged or bed ridden for the rest of his life.

In short, an accident brings along so many minor plus major problems a person can’t even imagine of. Do remember, process of redeeming damaging cost after an accident can be as painful as it is the accident itself. These kinds of things don’t tolerate delay. So it’ll be far better to seek a professional solicitor’s advice before it gets too late. An experienced car accident attorney can help you make claims[8] in a better and legally correct way. All you need to do is get rid of a very common negative notion against the lawyers that they make things more complex. In reverse to above saying, these lawyers are the ones holding the solution key to almost all the legal matters. Let’s see how a professional legal representative[9] can turn the situation in your favor.

  1. You needn’t lose heart as you meet with an accident and don’t have an insurance policy. A hired lawyer guides a way that how one person can make accident car claims to the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) and helps that person to redeem money he is entitled to.
  2. Hiring a personal injury lawyer[10] when you get sustained injuries in an accident really helps you get the best deal. For the reason that, these professional attorneys know the art of making relevant claims and receiving the money back. Although physical injury compensation claims sometimes require bulky paperwork, but that can be done by your hired lawyers.

Spending a few bucks for hiring a lawyer and then, getting the money back lost in the accident turns out to be a win-win situation for a person running from pillar to post for his car accident compensation claims.

People carrying an impression that hiring a solicitor can be expensive, while nobody can predict an accurate end result. To this regard, lawyer seekers should prefer hiring those asking for a genuine price , as well as attorney deemed as trusted by government authorities, or, who a member of State Bar of California .

You’re one of those people looking forward to hiring an old hand solicitor with fresh ideas, then, the Downtown L.A. Law Group dealing in providing best personal injury lawyers can be a viable option for you.

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