6th Grade Quiz Notes for Aug. 25, 2017


Parts of a map to know:

Title – Tells the place the map is showing.

Legend – Explains what the symbols and colors on a particular map represent.

Map Index – Helps locate places on a map.  Places are shown in alphabetical order along with their grid positions.

Scale – Shows the relationship between distances on the map and corresponding distances on the Earth’s surface.

Grid – Helps find a place on the map.

Meridians – Imaginary lines that run north and south from the North to South Pole.  The measure longitude.

Parallels – Imaginary lines that encircle the globe from east to west.  They measure latitude

Compass Rose – Shows cardinal directions(North, South, East, West)and intermediate directions (NE,NW,SE,SW)  

Themes of Geography

Movement = The shifting of ideas from one area or region to another. This can be material things or ideas and customs

Regions =  Areas with common characteristics such as the same religion or weather

Location =   Where it is.  We use Relative and Absolute directions

Human Environmental Interaction = How human interact with their surroundings. Such as clearing land to build a house, wearing a jacket.  They adapt, modify, or change

Place =   What it is like (example: language, weather, customs)  Described by human and physical characteristics

Terms to know:

Hemispheres - Divides the Earth into four sections

Equator - The main line of latitude

Parallels - Lines of latitude                

Prime Meridian -The main line of longitude

Meridians -  Lines of longitude