Authoring at WikiSpaces

Directions for Preparing Your Abstracted Biography


Dear Researchers:

Permissions have been granted each of you at WikiSpaces. You should have received your login ID via email. Please message me (at my email address) if you have not received a login ID and password. A final draft of your research paper is due April 18. Your abstracted 100 to 250-word bio is due Friday, April 20, and will be returned to you the following Monday. A returned abstracted biography is one that has been approved for publication. All abstracted biographies will be returned before finals week; however, I would like the publication process to begin on the 24th. After the final examination, publication will no longer count toward your grade.

At WikiSpaces, please log on with the ID and password given. After logging in, you will be led to the Digisense site, for which you have been registered. You will then click on “My Wiki.” Next, you will need to click on the county to which you have been assigned (the county of residence for your assigned subject(s)). The projects by County are listed in the bottom left corner of the page. After arriving at the appropriate County Page, you will then need to click on edit, and an editing box will appear. You will be able to type directly into the box and will be able to use word-processing features at the top of the page. You may for instance:

·        Add hyperlinks

·        Add media including, in particular, photos or other graphics

Very importantly, you must also document your work, providing the same citations you used in your longer paper. In a wiki, a footnoting system is used.

Directions for footnoting or referencing:

1.         After the appropriate line (or sentence), click on “Widget” found in the toolbar. You will be taken to a list of widgets including “Reference.”

2.         Click on Reference, and you will be prompted to choose: (1) Embed Reference Marker, or (2) Embed Reference Text.

3.         Select “Embed Reference Marker,” which will place a footnote number at the end of the text being documented. After you select “Embed Reference Marker,” you will be taken to an area at the bottom of the page where you will be able to add the reference. (This works very similarly to footnoting in Word.)

4.         When you are done typing the reference, you should click on “Show Citation,” at the bottom of the page, and you will be led back to the main text box. The cursor will be where you left off, and you may resume typing.

5.         When you have finished writing, you may publish your entry by clicking on the Save key.

Other Instructions:

Unlike the longer papers you have prepared for the course, the biographies published to the project wiki are not intended to be more than 125 words. In this case, you are to try to address the five Ws and the H (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?). By the time you are ready to publish, your bio will already have been approved.

Please see me if you run into difficulty.

*Note: you will not receive a byline for this publication. (You will not need to type your name by your entry.)