2016 Kickstarter Summer Festival: Statuevision NYC

Statuevision NYC for the 2016 Kickstarter Summer Festival

Statuevision is an interactive public projection performance that engages citizens in conversations about urban histories by re-contextualizing familiar historical monuments. Statuevision uses the historical statues found within a city as a platform for community storytelling, interactive learning and inspiring engagement with public art. The narrative of each individual figure represented in a monument, as well as the larger community history, is reexamined through the lens of a projector during a public participatory performance. All content gathered and created for the event is a digitally archived and available online for anyone interested.  Statuevision was performed in Washinton DC (Dupont Circle) as part of the 5x5 Festival, and in Glasgow as part of the Creativity and Cognition Conference’s art exhibition.

For the 2016 Kickstarter Summer Festival, we propose to adapt Statuevision to a public park festival setting geared towards a several hour long event in Fort Green Park in Brooklyn, NY.  The performance will begin with a participator drawing activity where festival attendees will produce drawings of imaginary monuments using traditional media (paper, marker, crayon), and bring those monuments to life using our novel interactive digital puppetry tools (e.g. Dranimate).  This initial component of the performance will generate all the visual content that will be used to create a multi-site, multi-projection performance that will commence after dusk.  During this portion of the performance, the Statuevision team (made-up mostly of undergraduate students from Carnegie Mellon University) will collaborate with local youth (engaged through a partnership with the NYC-based Model Redesign Team from Office of Postsecondary Readiness at NYC Department of Education) to facilitate a participatory large-scale digital puppetry performance on the steps leading up to the Fort Greene Park Monuments Prison Ship Martyrs Monument, and the surrounding grounds and trees.

Project Timeline, Event Day and Budget