Turnitin in Moodle For Students

Uploading an Assignment to Turnitin in Moodle

Note that Turnitin only accepts certain formats (When you are using Google Docs, you will need to download your assignment into a .pdf, then submit it to Turnitin).

  1. Go to the Assignment link in your course (red circular arrow icon) and click.
  2. Then open the “My Submissions” tab.
  3. Select the file you wish to upload.
  4. Give your file a title, e.g. Jones/WW 2
  5. Be sure to check the box agreeing to Turnitin’s terms.
  6. Click “Add Submission”.
  7. You will see a screen with a bar “synchronizing data”--this will take about a full minute.
  8. Then you will see a screen that shows your assignment title in the inbox, and it will also say “pending”.  If you wait a few minutes more, this will show you your “similarity” match.

Note:  Turnitin sets dates in the European format of day-month-year (rather than the American format of month-day-year).

Finding your Instructor’s Feedback  in Turnitin in Moodle

  1. You must return to the Assignment link to find your comments.

  1. Open “My Submissions” tab.

  1. Click on your actual assignment.  It will open up.

  1. In the upper left hand corner of the screen are three tabs:  originality, grademark, and peermark.  Click on originality to see your similarity score (below 10% is best).

  1. Click on “grademark” to see/hear my comments and to see the rubric grade.

  1. There are two kinds of comments;  I use one or both, depending on the assignment.

  1. You may find little blue blobs on your assignment;  click on those to see specific comments about that part of your submission.

  1. In the bottom right corner, look for the text bubble and select that. There is a summary comment for the entire paper--this may be text or it may be a recording.  Press on the “play” arrow to hear the recording.  

  1. Be sure to click on the rubric icon on the far right (looks like little squares stacked on top of one another) to see your scored rubric.