Administration Plan for Ms. W’s classroom

This document outlines how I plan to keep track of administrative tasks throughout the school year.







What is the reason?

What tool is used?

Who receives the document?

What will be included?

How often does it happen?

Attendance tracking

Keep track of student attendance

Google Sheet

Teacher & school administrators only

  • Row for each student
  • Column for each date

Updated daily

Class calendar

Keep track of meetings & events; schedule parent conferences

Google Calendar

All families in the classroom

  • Parent/teacher meetings
  • Special events
  • Assignment deadlines

As needed

Reading log

Students share number of minutes/ books read each week

Google Form

Students submit reading logs

  • How many minutes did the student read that week?
  • What books did they read?
  • How did they like the books? 


Create assignments

Distribute assignments online

Google Drive

Teacher creates; students submit

  • Essay questions
  • Lab reports