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Quote:  I now suspect that just as a deer herd lives in mortal fear of its wolves, so does a mountain live in mortal fear of its deer. And perhaps with better cause, for while a buck pulled down by wolves can be replaced in two or three years, a range pulled down by too many deer may fail of replacement in as many decades. So also with cows. The cowman who cleans his range of wolves does not realize that he is taking over the wolf's job of trimming the herd to fit the range. He has not learned to think like a mountain. Hence we have dustbowls, and rivers washing the future into the sea. Aldo Leopold

Join us for a focus on folk rock with a unique blend of Canadian, local, folk, and world music. Connect up with clubs on the Club Roundup, find out what books we have been reading on the On-Air Wireless Book Blog, and find out about small business on the Small Biz Net. On Science Rules find out what is new in the world of science and on the Trail Head learn about great outdoor places to visit. For today's music selection and topics see below...

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Ellis Paul  - Woody Guthrie, Working Man  - Dave Gunning  - Farewell to Nova Scotia, The Alice Band  - After The Goldrush, Klone Orchestra  - Scarborough Fair, Dave Gunning  - Elizabeth Lindsay, Genticorum  - Tout Le Long Du Voyage, Dave Gunning  - Sound of the Pibroch, Lynn Miles  - Little Bird, Dave Gunning  - We Remember You Well, Lynn Miles  - I Will, Lynn Miles  - Fearless Heart, Dave Gunning  - Lord of the Dance, Enoch Kent  - Bonnie Susie Clelland, <Eileen McGann  - Lord Franklin>, <Michelle Burke  - Springhill Mine>, <Shiny Happy People  - Man On The Moon>, Kevin Closs  - O Canada, Dala  - The Weight (with Oh Susanna and Good Lovelies), <Laurie Lewis  - The Maple's Lament>, <>=not included - Mr Roger’s Remix Single  - Garden in your mind, Captain Tractor - Ghost Riders, Captain Tractor Last Pirate of Sascatchewan, Great Big Sea - Captain Kidd

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   1  Foxhole Morse Code Special C         morse_letter_c.mp3         Foxhole IDs         0:02

   2  Foxhole 15th Troop ID         scouts15th_foggyMountainBreakdown         stationId         5:20

   3  Ellis Paul         Woody Guthrie, Working Man         The Hero in You         3:37

   4  Dave Gunning         Farewell to Nova Scotia         a tribute to John Allan Cameron         3:41

   5  Alex Koren         ak_StationId_foxhole_theDancing         foxhole         0:27

   6  The Alice Band         After The Goldrush         The Love Junk Store         2:28

   7  Klone Orchestra         Scarborough Fair         Blowing In the Wind A Tribute To The Spirit Of Eva Cassidy         3:03

   8  Foxhole IDs AR         arno_cklu_foxhole_id_wildwoodflower1.mp3         Foxhole IDs         0:23

   9  Dave Gunning         Elizabeth Lindsay         a tribute to John Allan Cameron         3:30

  10  Genticorum         Tout Le Long Du Voyage         Nagez Rameurs         4:52

  11  Sarah Koren (Murray Mclauchlin - Farmers Song)         Station ID The Foxhole         The Foxhole         0:10

  12  Dave Gunning         Sound of the Pibroch         a tribute to John Allan Cameron         3:25

  13  Lynn Miles         Little Bird         Fall for Beauty         3:03

  14  Foxhole ID AK         ak_StationId_foxhole_righteousHeart         foxhole         0:15

  15  Dave Gunning         We Remember You Well         a tribute to John Allan Cameron         3:53

  16  Lynn Miles         I Will         Fall for Beauty         3:12

  17  Alex Koren         ak_foxhole_id_payTheMan         foxhole         0:20

  18  Lynn Miles         Fearless Heart         Fall for Beauty         3:41

  19  Dave Gunning         Lord of the Dance         a tribute to John Allan Cameron         2:17

  20  Sarah Koren (Murray Mclauchlin - Never Did Like that Train)         Station ID The Foxhole         The Foxhole         0:23

  21  Enoch Kent         Bonnie Susie Clelland         Take A Trip With Me         4:55

  22  Eileen McGann         Lord Franklin         Heritage         3:56

  23  Foxhole ID JP         jp_cooCooBird_BeGoodTanyas_stationID_foxhole         stationId         1:00

  24  Michelle Burke         Springhill Mine         Pulling Threads         4:09

  25  Shiny Happy People         Man On The Moon         A Tribute To R.E.M.         5:01

  26  Alex Koren         ak_StationId_foxhole_theDancing         foxhole         0:27

  27  Sound Effects         Coyote         Sounds of Birds and Other Animals         0:14

  28  Foxhole Morse Code         cklu_morse_code.mp3 [Unknown]         Foxhole Morse Special CKLU         0:05

  29  Kevin Closs         O Canada         Homecoming         1:26

  30  Dala         The Weight (with Oh Susanna and Good Lovelies)         Girls From The North Country - Dala Live in Concert         4:52

  31  Laurie Lewis         The Maple's Lament         Earth & Sky: Songs of Laurie Lewis         4:50

Reginald Aubrey Fessenden (October 6, 1866 – July 22, 1932) was a Canadian inventor who performed pioneering experiments in radio, including early—possibly the first— transmissions of voice and music. In his later career he received hundreds of patents for devices in fields such as high-powered transmitting, sonar, and television

Where she grew up in Sudbury; what schools; what parents did; what doing in Australia

Faye Blais is a Canadian indie-folk artist whose songwriting personality is showcased beautifully through her talents on acoustic and electric guitars, and keys. Detailed as "continuing the thread started by Joni, picked up by Ani and fashioned by Feist", Faye's soulful and dynamic vocals are the perfect match for her musical style. At least that's the technical way to put it. But when you get to know Faye's style, you'll realise that this little sun-chasing songbird is irresistable if even for the twinkle in her eyes and her light emitting smile. The message in her music is clear, chase your dreams, live your life in love and peace.

"What a voice! Sudbury's piano-plunking answer to Feist!"

Amanda Putz, CBC Radio

Her latest effort, On The Bright Side is a richly textured and warm album, with just the right amount of flourish. "The Ways I Love You", the first single/video from the album, is a resonant ballad that fills your heart with joy, while the next single "The Pursuit" is a marching anthem navigating the path of life. "Winter" is surprisingly more upbeat than the season typically is, and "Michelle" is an acoustic ride originally commissioned for the documentary "Return to Manomin" by Michelle Derosier. On The Bright Side was recorded at Blais' family cabin in northern Ontario, where she spent summers as a kid, and was engineered and produced by her good friend Josh Turnbull, before being turned over to Jeff Elliot at Fedge Studios for mastering in Toronto.

"On the Bright Side is the perfect name for this record. If you're looking for a soundtrack for the sun room, or a day out in the park, this is it... Listening to this album should have you swaying in your chair from start to finish. What a voice!"

Jason Turnbull, CBC Radio

A self-professed sun chaser, Faye has spent the past six years recording and touring her four studio releases through Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, USA and Canada, where she is based in Toronto. Living her own dream (and the dream of many), she spends Canadian winters in the southern hemisphere, never having to scrape ice from her touring vehicle's windows. Her career in Australia has seen her play top festivals in the country; Woodford, Port Fairy and Illawara Folk Festivals, and had her featured in prominent media such as Triple J radio, ABC TV (Aus/NZ), and Balcony TV, just to name a few. Her North American career has also seen its share of accolades, crossing the country five times in three years and playing Eaglewood Folk Festival Northern Lights Festival Boreal, ArtsWells, Nannup Folk Festival (US), Art & Soul Festival (US) and many more. Blais continues to add to this list as she continues to grow and progress as a beautiful songwriter!

Club Roundup:

Temagami Outfitting Company


Temagami has over 1000 canoe routes to choose from, offering some of the world's best paddling experiences for canoe enthusiasts and adventurers. Ancient canoe routes and portage trails provide the only access and means of travel through this extraordinary wilderness backcountry. Imagine packing all that you need into a canoe and traveling in the fashion of the ancient Anishnawbeg and French Voyagers, paddling and portaging, seeing and discovering, sleeping beneath the stars and connecting to the land as they once did. Each day presents itself with new waters and new campsites, a rhythm that has remained unchanged for centuries.

All of our wilderness packages are designed to be safe and offer route choices for both novice and expert canoeists. The majority of our lake and river trips can be self guided, or you can choose our guided wilderness package to bring a skills building aspect to your adventure. Paddle pristine waters to pictographs on rocky outcroppings of several lakes in the region. Slide down nature's natural water slides and eat lunch beneath a waterfall. Swim, rock climb, or leap from a forty foot cliff's edge into sparkling lakes. The Temagami backcountry is truly a canoe tripper's paradise.

The Temagami Outfitting adventures are fully outfitted...just bring your clothes and personal gear. With knowledge and a commitment to service, you can trust us to create a fun and exciting adventure that you'll treasure for a lifetime!

Small Biz Net:

How to Build an eStore

By an eHow Contributor

Operating an online store has many advantages. Sales are not hindered by distance. Customers from all over the world can quickly access your eStore and order products at anytime. E-Stores rarely become overnight success stories. However, careful planning will enable you to build your own website. This may lead to huge profits in the future, while your customers enjoy the convenience of online shopping.

Read more: How to Build an eStore |


1 Provide content. Make the online store informative and create incentives for customers to buy your products and return to your website. For example, offer free shipping and buy-one-get-one-free offers. If your online business sells books, publish book reviews on a regular basis to encourage return visits.

2 Determine structure. Determine how pages will link to each other. Use graphics and icons that enhance the content. If the online business sells books, use book icons to represent different categories.

3 Design the eStore. Regardless of the type of products that will be sold, keep the website design simple, readable and consistent.

4 Create website navigation. Place links on each page. Provide links to all categories. Make the online shopping experience as effortless as possible.

5 Create company credibility. Make customers feel safe about ordering from your online business. Provide the company name, address, phone number and email address. List the company return policy.

On Air Book Blog: 

A Sand County Almanac: With Other Essays on Conservation from Round River

Aldo Leopold 

From Amazon

Published in 1949, shortly after the author's death, A Sand County Almanac is a classic of nature writing, widely cited as one of the most influential nature books ever published. Writing from the vantage of his summer shack along the banks of the Wisconsin River, Leopold mixes essay, polemic, and memoir in his book's pages. In one famous episode, he writes of killing a female wolf early in his career as a forest ranger, coming upon his victim just as she was dying, "in time to watch a fierce green fire dying in her eyes.... I was young then, and full of trigger-itch; I thought that because fewer wolves meant more deer, no wolves would mean hunters' paradise. But after seeing the green fire die, I sensed that neither the wolf nor the mountain agreed with such a view." Leopold's road-to-Damascus change of view would find its fruit some years later in his so-called land ethic, in which he held that nothing that disturbs the balance of nature is right. Much of Almanac elaborates on this basic premise, as well as on Leopold's view that it is something of a human duty to preserve as much wild land as possible, as a kind of bank for the biological future of all species. Beautifully written, quiet, and elegant, Leopold's book deserves continued study and discussion today. --Gregory McNamee --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

From Publishers Weekly

These original essays on the natural environment by renowned conservationist Leopold (1887-1948) were first published posthumously in 1949. In this edition, more than 80 lush photographs shot by nature photographer Sewell on Leopold's former Wisconsin farm accompany the text. Following the seasons, Leopold, whose seminal work in the U.S. Forest Service and in books and magazines helped shape the conservation movement in this country, shared his perceptive and carefully observed portraits of nature month by month. In April, he watched the "sky dance" of the woodcock, who flew upward in a series of spirals. As he hunted partridges in October, his way was lit by "red lanterns," the blackberry leaves that shone in the sun. A November rumination details how the products of tree diseases provide wooded shelters for woodpeckers, hives for wild bees and food for chickadees. Included also is an appreciative essay on wild marshland and several pieces stressing the importance of protecting the natural environment. Leopold sadly observed, "there is yet no ethic dealing with man's relation to land and to the animals and plants which grow upon it." His hope that society would develop an "ecological conscience" by placing what should be preserved above what is economically expedient remains relevant today. These evocative essays about the farm Leopold loved will again be enjoyed by nature lovers and preservationists alike. Though the book has been continuously in print, this beautiful illustrated edition, with its introduction by nature writer Brower (The Starship and the Canoe) will attract fans and newcomers and will make a great gift book this holiday season.

HackerSpace of the Airwaves:

Ramsey Electronics® has been providing the neatest electronic products and kits for nearly 40 years! From AM & FM Transmitters, Hobby Kits, Video Cameras, Time & Weather Products, Amateur Radio Gear, Mini-Kits, or just Neat Stuff, we make working with electronics not only fun, but also a great learning experience. With Ramsey kits you don't just get a bag of parts and some instructions. We delve into circuit theory covering how and why it works, all in a fun and easy to understand format. That's something we've become famous for! And nearly 4 decades later, there are thousands and thousands of hobbyists young and old that have enjoyed that experience.

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Neat Stuff  All sorts of neat stuff!

Time & Weather  To the second, to the degree - Time & Weather.

Tools  All the tools YOU NEED to build your kits!

Science Rules:

Do Solo Black Holes Roam the Universe?

from ScienceNOW Daily News

Even gravitational monsters can get the heave-ho. Two mysterious bright spots in a disheveled, distant galaxy suggest that astronomers have found the best evidence yet for a supermassive black hole being shoved out of its home.

If confirmed, the finding would verify Einstein's theory of general relativity in a region of intense gravity not previously tested. The results would also suggest that some giant black holes roam the universe as invisible free floaters, flung from the galaxies in which they coalesced. Although loner black holes may be an entity that has to be reckoned with, they would still be rare, notes theorist Laura Blecha of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Blecha, along with observational astronomer Francesca Civano of Harvard-Smithsonian and their colleagues took detailed x-ray observations of the distant galaxy CID-42, nearly 4 billion light-years from Earth. The team focused on the region after a Hubble Space Telescope survey revealed two compact visible-light sources within the starlit body: one of them at or near the galaxy's center, the other offset from the core. Because CID-42 appears to be the remnant of two giant galaxies that collided relatively recently, it seemed likely that one or both of the compact sources were supermassive black holes.

Trail Head:

Temagami Outfitting Company

Temagami is the reality that fuels the popular perception of Canada's great Northland, with old growth pine forests; smooth blue waters; brilliantly white, powdery snow; and bountiful fish and wildlife.

Temagami is steeped in history. Some of the world's oldest rock has surfaced here, and has been scraped and smoothed by centuries of glaciation. Artifacts and stone drawings dating as far back 6000 B.C. have been discovered here. Grey Owl, the mysterious naturalist who captured the world's imagination back in the 1930s, has become a part of the Temagami landscape. Over the centuries, people have been drawn to the area as if by a magnet. Temagami is truly a place of mystical magic, an adventurer's mecca.

Temagami has been a renowned centre for outdoor and wilderness recreation for over 100 years.


Hiking/Backpacking Adventures

Northeastern Ontario has many remote and scenic trails. These routes (Nastawgan), established by the First Nations, became the highways of the voyagers, traders, trappers and loggers. Today, adventurers traverse Ontario’s highest ridges and hike beneath towering pines on these trails, some of which have remained in use for centuries. The recently completed 100 km Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail can be hiked in sections or as a continuous expedition.

The difficulty of hikes varies and climbs can range from 300 – 600 ft. For assistance in choosing which trails suit your skill and fitness level please contact at



Dates: mid May to mid September


Hike the Grand Campment Bay Trail on a 2-3 day adventure. This historic trail offers great photo opportunities including a variety of landscapes and wildlife .There are 3 shoreline campsites at Grand Campment Bay on Lake Temiskaming and vistas from the cliffs along the shoreline.



Dates: mid May to mid September


Hike the rugged Temiskaming shoreline from Grand Campment Bay to Beaver Mountain. This section of the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail is full of adventure with abundant wildlife and spectacular views overlooking Ottawa River’s ancient rift valley. Continuous elevation changes will challenge experienced hikers and will reward them with spectacular cliff top vistas.