WALT: Write in third person

When we write in third person we are likely to use words like:

Success Criteria:

Example: On the weekend, Paul went to the movies with Tessa. He saw the movie called ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2.’  He thought it was a very good movie and was very sad that a character died. AFter the movies he took her to Dominion road to a restaurant called Barilla. He ordered 20 pork and chives dumplings and 18 prawns, pork and chives dumplings. It was delicious.

Abhilasha’s New Pet

On the weekends Abhilasha was making scrambled eggs with her cousin Anju.  She was very very excited because in about 10 minutes she would be staring at this very adorable ,greenish, yellowish Budgie.  She had already decided the name and was repeating it over and over in her head.  Then Abhilasha heard a knock on the door it was Sam the person who was going to bring the bird.  As soon as Abhilasha saw the bird she was amazed by the beauty of the bird.  She took the cage off the man and said “Thank you.”  Soon the budgie was inside the house and in it’s cage. Abhilasha also made a profile for the Budgie.  It looked like this:

Name: Indie

Age: 10 months old

Gender: Male

Colour: Green body black patches on the back and yellow head.

 Photo: Indie the Budgie.jpg

Indie was really scared and shy.  Whenever anyone put their hand into the cage Indie would fly around the cage like mad.  Also Indie would only eat from Abhilasha’s hand and rejected her other siblings hands.  Abhilasha was very happy until she got bitten by Indie.  It was all Abhilasha’s sister’s fault.  Her sister had scared the poor bird and now the bird had landed on Abhilasha’s finger and bitten it but it did not hurt Abhilasha because she was too busy feeling happy about Indie and how she had landed on her finger.  Now Abhilasha hopes that in the future Indie the bird gets used to being near humans and going onto their fingers.

The End!

Here is a bigger version of the bird!

Indie the Budgie.jpg