RC Mayhem

Vrooom , went Medics rc. Medic was tall,  has a black beard with  black hair.

He lives in Canada with his wife Jem and son Morris. Medic had 30 rcs, but nowhere to  drive them. He owned 2 acres of bush. His wife came out to see what the noise was.

“What are you doing medic” shouted Jem. Jem was a young tall lady with blonde hair and pale skin. Medic immediately shut off the rc and said, ‘‘I’m running my rc up and down the deck’’.

‘‘If you  do that your will make it all muddy’’ complained Jem.

‘‘Well where else am I going to drive all 30 rcs’’ argued Medic.

‘‘I don’t know, get your mates together and build a track’’said Jem

 ‘‘I will think about that’’ replied Medic.

So that night when Gem had gone to sleep Medic was in his shed thinking of a plan. Then next morning at breakfast, Medic told Jem that he would get a job and ring his mates to ask them if they could help him build a rc track, and in return he would let them them use it. After a month of work  he had enough money to buy parts for a rc track. So one day after work he went to Placemakers with his trailer to buy timer to build a rc track. He then drove over to Bunnings to buy rope to suspend the rc track from the trees he also bought 1000 screws to screw the wood together with. Once he had paid for that he then drove around the back of Bunnings to the loading section. When he got there he told a worker to load his trailer with 1.5 tons of dirt. He then told Medic to put the trailer on the scales. After that he loaded the trailer with 1.5 tons of dirt. Medic decided to lay a tarp over the top to stop the dirt from flying off the trailer. Medic took the supplies home and there waiting for him were his mates ready to help him build a rc track. Medic then backed the trailer up the drive and dumped the dirt at the start of the track.

Jem then came out and said to medic

‘‘what is the dirt for’’. Medic then replied,  

‘‘I decided that I would like to build a fifth scale  track’’. So the the work began. The helpers were John,rude boyz rc, and Gem. John was a tall man who had black hair and a black beard,his skin was a tan color. Rude boyz rc was a group of three people one of them was crazy joe, he made custom trailers and helped build there rc track that was suspended from the roof of a garage. The other two are ordinary rc addicts. They started to shovel the dirt into wheelbarrows and dump it on the  roots of trees. By the time 7:00 came around they had used half of the dirt and made a flat track to run the rcs on.

The next morning everyone was at Medic's house by 8:00. Not long after that they were at it again shifting the dirt. After one hour they had put ramps all along the track. Medic started up his rc,he used his losi 5t. It was a 5th scale,motorised rc car. As he lined it up the crew got there 5th scale rcs and the race was on. Gem came out with a cap gun and sad drivers ready 3,2,1 and then pulled the trigger. BANG, as soon as the gun went the race was on. Medic hit the first jump first and man did he fly. Then around the first bend.  The track is so  smooth said medic. Medic was first across the line followed by John and then crazy joe. Once everyone had came across the line medic said, ‘‘well it’s been a long time my friends coming but we built the 5th scale track’’. That night they went to the pub to celebrate and drink.

The next day they gathered at Medic’s house to build the 10th scale track. Medic then unloaded the wood from the car and laid it down on the dirt. They then got the saw bench out and started to cut the wood in to 30cm in length John then said that he had brought 2 skill saws that they could use. After a hour they had used nearly ¾ of the wood. Medic then said that we should start to put it together. So they then pulled out their drills and started to screw the wood together. Not long after that they had used all the wood and had made a rc track. They then turned to the rope and started to attach it to the track. Once all the rope was attached to the track they lifted it up to the trees and tied the rope to the tree's branches then presto they had themselves a rc track suspended from trees.  Not long after that medic got his 10th scale rc car called the beast.  ,he ran it on a 3s li-po along with a water resistant savox servo. He also had a dual motor setup along with 4WD. Before he started crazy joe asked him what the foam was for.  

‘‘Its spare stuff’’ Medic replied. But then he had an idea that he could attach a foam pit to it. And so he did,he cut out 1m out of the track and replaced it with mech and filled it with the foam. Then medic lifted the truck up onto the track and away he went. The track wobbles a bit,but I guess it makes it much more challenging. Medic then came up to the bit where he had to line up the tiers with two pieces of string and drive across. Lucky medic had done this at rude boyz rc so he hade some experience. Medic made it across but only just. Then came the foam pit,medic got stuck in it but fortunately he put in hooks on either side for winch points. So then he pulled out his winch and started to winch himself out. Then the track started to go down in a big spiral and down to some rocks to finish. For the next hour everyone was running the track. While the tracks were being built morris  was staying with his grandparents, he came home just after everyone had finished running there rcs along the track. The first thing that Morris said was what are those.Medic then replied,there rc tracks so we can drive all the rcs on. Then Morris got his 18th scale tamiya built landrover and his dad's vaterra ascender and pushed them along the track. Not long after that they had dinner and went to bed.

And everyone lived happily ever after.

The End