BTRN One-day Seminar:

New Challenges and New Perspectives on ELT: The Road Less Travelled

Natal/RN – 20 May, 2017 – FACEX Unidade I


Seminar closing: 17.50 p.m. - 18.30 p.m. - Auditorium

Volunteering and Continuing Professional Development: Come together!

Thiago dos Santos and Marcelo de Cristo


Abstract: Being part of an association like BRAZ-TESOL gives you huge opportunities to keep up your professional development as ELT professionals and also the chance of being involved in the Brazil's largest association of English teachers of other languages. By getting involved with BT as vonluteers, you have the oppotunity to help, support, motivate and engage people to invest time, resources and knowledge for the sake of English language teaching.


Speaker’s bio: Thiago dos Santos has been involved in the ELT field since 2008. Gratuated in Letras (Portuguese and Enlgish) from UnP, in 2010, he also holds a specialization course in TEFL, in 2011, at UFRN. In Canada, he took a TESOL/TEFL teaching certificate. Back to Brazil, in 2013, he worked for 3 years at Wizard (2013-2016). Currently, he continues to pursue more experiences in his professional career by teaching English at public schools in Ceará-Mirim/RN and at FACEX. In addition, he is doing the CELTA Course. 

Marcelo de Cristo has proudly been an English Teacher for 20 years, eight of which at SENAC-RN, and ten between the Culturas Inglesas in Recife and Natal. He has a background in engineering , information technology and pedagogy, and holds both a CELTA and a DELTA. He is currently an Advisor for International School.