BioSMART 2017

Tentative Technical Program

Venue: Centre de Conférences CAPITAL 8

32 Rue de Monceau, 75008 Paris

Métro: Monceau, Line

Day 1: August 30th, 2017

Morning session

08:15. Registration

09:00. Welcome

09:30. Keynote Speaker. Erol Gelenbe, The Cognitive Packet Network, Imperial College London, UK

10:15. Coffee Break

10:30. Oral Session. Biomedical image and signal processing

#49. Eusebio de la Fuente, Félix M.Trespaderne, Lidia Santos, Juan Carlos Fraile, Javier Pérez Turiel

Parallel Computing for Real Time Gauze Detection in Laparoscopy Images, Spain

#37. Jangseok Oh and Kwangtaek Kim

Accurate 3D Reconstruction for Less Overlapped Laparoscopic Sequential Images, Rep. of Korea

#34. Rémy Peyret, Fouad Khelifi, Ahmed Bouridane, and Somaya Al-Maadeed

Automatic Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer using Multispectral based Linear Binary Pattern Bagged Codebooks,UK

#24. Nikhil J. Dhinagar, Mia Wilson, and Mehmet Celenk

Standardizing Pre-processing For Digital Skin Lesion Image Analysis, USA

#32. Géraud Azehoun-Pazou, Kokou M. Assogba and Hugues Adegbidi

A Multispectral Analysis of Black Skin Color Images for Linea Nigra Segmentation

12:15. Lunch

Afternoon session

14:00. Oral Session. Wearable technologies

#74. Invited Talk. Ziho Kang

Real Time Eye Movement Analysis Framework: Objective-Based Systematic Approach, USA

#81. Han Yuan, Josiah Rippetoe, Lei Ding, Stephan G. West, Ziho Kang, Randa L. Shehab

Universal Design for Learning in the Framework of Neuroscience-based Education and Neuroimaging-based Assessment, USA

#83. Rihab Bkekri, Anouar Benamor, Hassani Messaoud, Samer Mohammed, Yacine Amirat

Adaptive sliding mode control with application super-twisting algorithm of a Human-Driven Knee Joint Orthosis,France

#79. Min Sung Kim, Geung Young Kim, Jeong Hyeon Lee, Su Jin Kim, Hyung Jin Lee, Rachel Sanders, Eric T. Matson

 IoT Infrastructure to Increase Access to Non-ADA Buildings, Korea/USA

#77. Sherif Said, Samer AlKork, Taha Beyrouthy, M Fayek Abdrabbo

 Wearable Bio-Sensors Bracelet for Driver’s Health Emergency Detection, Kuwait

16:00. Coffee Break

16:15. Oral Session. Biomedical and Biometric applications

#125. Elham Farazdaghi and Amine Nait-Ali

 Facial Ageing Model considering Sun Exposure Effects, France

#126. Farnaz Majid Zadeh and Amine Nait-Ali

A 3D Dynamic Shape Model to Simulate Rejuvenation & Ageing Trajectory of 3D Face Images, France

#60. Samer K Al Kork, Itta Gowthami, Xavier Savatier, Taha Beyrouthy, Joe Akl Korbane, Sherif Roshdi

Biometric Database for Human Gait Recognition using Wearable Sensors and a Smartphone, France/Kuwait

#114. Emna Fourati et al.

Face anti-spoofing with Image Quality Assessment, France

#47. Bilal Attallah, Amina Serir, Youssef Chahir and Abdelwahhab Boudjelal

LBP, Log-Gabor and PCA Transforms for Iris and Palmprint based Bi-modal Identification System, France

18.00. End of the First Day

Day 2: August 31st, 2017

Morning session

08:15. Registration

08:30. Oral Session. Bio-engineering systems

#41. A. Kuznetsov, M. Andrianova, N. Komarova, V. Grudtsov, E. Kuznetsov, A. Saurov

Detection of aroma compound by ISFET modified with aptamer, Russia

#31. Moon Ho Lee, Han Hai and Poongundran Selvaprabhu

A Novel Transformation Design of RNA to DNA for Signal Processing, Rep. Korea

#14. Daniela Craciun, Jeremy Sirugue and Matthieu Montes

Global-to-Local Protein Shape Similarity System driven by Digital Elevation Models, France

#57. Sameh Sherif, Hamdy Abdelhamid, Yehya H. Ghallab , Ahmed Seddik, Yehea Ismail, Impedance

Analysis of Different Shapes of the Normal and Malignant White Blood Cells, Egypt

#97. Ilya Dukhovlinov

Gene modification for medicine using electric force, Russia

10:15. Coffee Break

10:30. Oral Session. Healthcare applications and Smart Technologies I

Invited Talk. Rachid Benlamri

Semantic Interoperability for Healthcare Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities, Lakehead University, Canada

Industry Talk. Gonzague de Raulin, “Brain Dynamic Imaging”, BDI, France

#65. Myeongseob Ko, Suneung Kim, Kyungchai Lee, Mingi Kim, Kwangtaek Kim

Single camera based 3D tracking for outdoor fall detection toward smart healthcare, Rep. Korea

#36.Liam Daly, Grant Rudd, Hui Liu, Paola Leon, Jonathan Celli, Filip Čučkov

Embedded system for a battery-operated LED-based, photodynamic therapy device for treatment of early-stage oral cancers in resource-limited settings, USA

#78. Shouq Al-Awadhi et al., Virtual Reality Application for Interactive and Informative Learning, Kuwait

12:15. Lunch

Afternoon session

14:00. Oral Session. Healthcare applications and Smart Technologies II

Keynote speaker. Dan Istrate

 Ambient assisting living and biomedical sensors: architecture, communication and data fusion, France

#76. F. Sayegh, F. Fadhli, F. Karam, M. BoAbbas, F. Mahmeed, J. A. Korbane, S. AlKork, T. Beyrouthy

A Wearable Rehabilitation Device for Paralysis, Kuwait

#64. Mohammed Faeik Ruzaij Al-Okby, Sebastian Neubert, Norbert Stoll, Kerstin Thurow

Development and Testing of Intelligent Low-Cost Wheelchair Controller for Quadriplegics and Paralysis Patients, Germany

#35.Avid Roman-Gonzalez, Natalia I. Vargas-Cuentas, Miguel Hoyos, Joel Diaz, Mirko Zimic

Brain Computer Interface to Answer Yes-No Questions, Peru

End of oral presentations

16:00. Coffee Break / Poster /Demo Session

#10. Yacine Bouzouina and Latifa HAMAMI

Multimodal Biometric: Iris and face Recognition based on feature selection of Iris with GA and scores level fusion with SVM

#94. Kamel Aloui et al., Palm Veins Biometric Recognition

#82. Rami Alkhatib, Mohammed O.Diab, Christophe Corbier , Mohamed El Badaoui

A Modified Filtering Model of VGRF Gait Signals

#96. Ihsèn Ben Salah and Kaïs Ouni

Denoising of the Impedance Cardiographic Signal (ICG) for a Best Detection of the Characteristic Points

#95. Natalia I. Vargas-Cuentas and Avid Roman-Gonzalez

Facial Image Processing for Sleepiness Estimation

#89. Denise Kerbaj, Walid Hassan and Amine Nait-Ali

Verifying a person's identity using brain responses to visual stimuli

#88. Racha Soubra, Mohamad O. Diab and Bassam Moslem

A Mother Wavelet Selection Study for Vertical Ground Reaction Force Signals

#84. A.Bouzid-Daho, M.Boughazi,B.Senouci

Multispectral Images Segmentation for Biomedical Applications Diagnosis: K-Means Oriented Approach

#98. Haykel Snoussi, Thomas Janvier, Rachid Jennane, Hechmi Toumi, Eric Lespessailles

Segmentation of Muscle and Skeletal Tissues in Images

#54. A. Bengana, M.A.Chikh, I. Boukli Hacene

Hybrid image fusion using NSCT enhancement and Curvelet Transform

#30. Fares Brahim Zaidi, Sid-Ahmed Selouani, Malika Boudraa, Djamel Addou

A control interface of an automatic recognition system for dysarthric speech

#86. CherifiI Dalila, Adjerid Chaouki, Boukerma Billal, Zebbiche Badreddine, Nait-Ali Amine

ECG Features extraction using AC/DCT for Biometric

#25. Arnaud Ahouandjinou, Probus M. A. F. Kiki, Kokou Assogba

Smart Environment Monitoring System by Using Sensors Ultrasonic Detection of Farm Pests

#3. Toufik Hafs, L.Bennacer, A.Nait-Ali, M.Boughazi, A.Bouzid-Daho

Online signature verification approach using Mellin transform and Empirical Mode Decomposition

#67. Bendanii Djazia et al.

Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmia by Using Time Domain Technique on Heart Rate Variability Signals

#43. Samia Bentaieb, Abdelaziz Ouamri, Mokhtar Keche and Amine Nait-Aliy

Gender Classification from 3D Face Images using Multi-Task Sparse Representation over Reduced Dictionary

#90. Ashvriya Thapa, Shweta Biswal, Dr Neeru Sood, Dr Ramchandran, Dr Trupti Gokale

Development of a Biosensor Using Photobacterium Spps. For The Detection of Environmental Pollutants

#57. Sameh Sherif, Hamdy Abdelhamid, Yehya H. Ghallab, Ahmed Seddik, Yehea Ismail

Impedance Analysis of Different Shapes of the Normal and Malignant White Blood Cells

#45. Lamia Mezai, Sarah Berrabah and Souhila Kettouche

Implementing an Android Biometric System for Securing Access to Smartphone Applications

17.30. Best Student Paper Results

18.00 Group Photo

20.00 Dinner Cruise

September 1st, 2017

Workshop sessions (restricted)