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Creating Rules For Filtering and Sorting E-mails

In First Class you may be used to creating rules for your e-mails that would filter your e-mails to sent folders, sort according to person, etc… This document will help you set up that same structure for labelling, sorting and filtering your e-mails.

Select an e-mail to sort and filter:

Drop down the “Label” tab and create a new label.

Give the label a name.

Select “More” tab and select Filter messages like these”.

Enter the criteria you will use for the filter (or leave the default from the e-mail). Then select “Create filter with this search”.

Select the options you need and tell the filter what you want it to do with the e-mail or similar e-mails.

In the example below all present and future e-mails from will bypass the inbox and be sorted under the label “Test of labels”.