Step 1: Create a TEMPLATE with <<tags>> that autoCrat will use to merge the information in your Response Sheet with your Google Doc

Step 2: Get the autoCrat Add-on in your Response Sheet

Step 3: Open autoCrat and begin a new merge job in your Response Sheet

Step 4: Link your TEMPLATE from Step 1 to your Response Sheet in your autoCrat merge job.

Step 5: Name your merge job and match the <<tags>> in your TEMPLATE to the headings in your Response Sheet and SAVE.

Step 6: Configure your merge.  Here is where you create a name for the files created, select what kind of doc you want to create, create an automatic email and select where the files will be saved (best to create a new folder in Drive!).

Step 7: Run the merge (if you already have responses in your Response Sheet).  If you checked “run autoCrat when new forms are submitted” in the settings, this process will occur on it’s own from here forward)

Step 8: Find your merged documents (email and folder)