Checklist for Food Rescue & Donated Food

MACC Charities Community Pantry & Community Kitchen


Dear Food Donor,


We deeply appreciate your generosity and thinking of the hungry  in our community.


Our mission is to mobilize our community to break cycles of poverty. Providing healthy, wholesome and delicious food to our guests and clients is part of our mission.


In partnership with Community Plates, we “rescue” thousands of pounds of usable, wholesome food annually. In order to guarantee the quality  and safety of the food we serve and distribute, it is critical to follow the guidelines below.


In general, a good rule of thumb is “if you would not eat it or serve it to a loved one,  we will not serve it.”


Because it takes both staff/volunteer time as well as money to dispose of unusable food, it is very helpful to us if you “pre-screen” your donation using the checklist below. We know that you want your donation to MACC to be as helpful as possible; a little work on your end before donating food to MACC will help us better feed the hungry and prevent the cost of disposing of food we cannot serve.


If you have any questions about what kinds of food you can donate, please feel free to contact Ben Dubow, Executive Chef/Director of Food Services  at or call 860 647 8003 x12.


For questions about food rescue or becoming a food runner or donor through our Community Plates program, please contact Meaghan Sprague, Community Engagement Manager at or call 860 647 8003 x13.


Thanks again for your generosity towards those with less.

MACC Management





Checklist for Food Rescue & Donated Food: