Project Reflection



Paragraph #1: Introduction

Interest the reader in your project. This is a summary or short description of the project. Answer the 5 w’s – who, what, where, when, and why.

  Who was involved?

   What did you do?

  Where did you do the project?

  Where did you find the information?

  Where did you travel?

  When did this project begin and end?

  Why did you choose to do this project?


Paragraph #2 - #4: The Body or Middle

         Reflect on your project. Think about its importance to you and others.

  Why was this project important to you?

  Why was this project different from others you have done?

  How did you learn from this project?

  How did this project help you get involved in the community?

  How did this project affect you?


Paragraph #5: Conclusion

         Tie it all together. Answer several of the following questions.

  Did you learn what you intended to learn?

  What could you have done differently?

  What was hard or difficult about this project?

  What was enjoyable about this project?

  Will this lead to another project?