MLCCC Kids Programming Classes Curriculum 2018-2019

By Wei Sun


Students will learn through hands-on projects on classes.
Each student need bring below items to school:

1.     Laptop with at least 4g mem, (make sure your kids have password and able to install

2.     A USB driver bigger than 1G.

3.     A email account, (parents please set up one for your kids, and let them keep the password)

4.     Books for reference (for any subject you want to learn)


Beginner Computer Coding Class(3:00-4:00pm):

This class is for students of grade 3 – 6, who has no programming experience.

Parents can stay in class to help kids for set up network, new scratch account, and help kids to follow the lesson progress.


1.          Scratch (30-33 weeks)

1.1            Install and introduce scratch

1.2            Get start scratch

1.3            Animation in scratch

1.4            Tell a story by scratch

1.5            How to build game in scratch

1.6            Build a Holiday theme game (ex. Halloween game)

1.7            Learn build game with clone

1.8            Drawing with scratch with Pen and Script

1.9            Game programming: Jump game

1.10         Game programming:  Shooting Game

1.11         Game programming: Race Game

1.12         Build another holiday them game (Chinese New Year)

1.13         Game programming: running game (Chrome dinosaur)

1.14         Math with Scratch: Get Prime Number

1.15         Game programming: Dot War

1.16         Game programming: Music game

1.17         Final project (3-5 weeks)



Advance Computer Coding Class(4:00-5:00pm):

This class is for students of grade 6 and upper, who has some programming experience and interesting on programming.

Note: This class is not for students who only want to play game in the class.



1.     Scratch (6 weeks)

1.1 Go over advance topic of Scratch:

1.1.1 Clone

1.1.2 Message

1.1.3 Function

1.2 Student need use scratch to complete a full project independently in 5 weeks.

1.3 Student need demo his project on 6th week class


2.     Python Basic (15 weeks)

2.1   Introduce
and start with python

2.2   Drawing with Turtle

2.3 Number and Variables

2.4 Loops 

2.5 What If: Conditions

2.6 String and Characters

2.7 Python Class and Object

2.8 Python OOP: inheritance

2.9 Python: introduce pyGame

2.10 Python Game: TicTacToe

2.11 Final project (3 weeks)             


3.     Web Development + JavaScript (6 week)

3.1   HTML

3.2   JavaScript Basic

3.3   CSS

3.4 JavaScript Advance


5.      Final projects (6 weeks)

5.1   Student need use any Python or JavaScript or Html/CSS to complete
a project as group or independently.

5.2 Student need PowerPoint to demo and presentation his project.