Research Topic: Health

Chosen Area of Focus: How can diabetes be prevented? 

1. Framing our research topic            


Our chosen area of focus is “How can diabetes be prevented?”. The percentage of our population suffering from diabetes has “increased from 8.3% in year 2004 to 11.3% in year 2010” (National Registry of Diseases Office, Singapore, 2011)[1]. We have chosen this topic as the number of people suffering from diabetes in Singapore is increasing each year.


2. Reason for choice of topic                        


a)  We want to know what cause people to suffer from diabetes, be it because of their unhealthy lifestyle or genetic reasons (since birth).


b)  We want to find ways to prevent people from getting diabetes, as “diabetes is a factor in about 9 per cent of all deaths in Singapore, and is the seventh most common cause of death locally”(National University of Singapore, 2012)[2].



3. Feasibility of the research

a)  There is a need for this research as the numbers of people suffering from diabetes are increasing each year, which is a concern and needs to be looked into as to how it can be prevented in the future.


b)  It is possible to carry out and complete this project because it is possible to ask for public opinions, such as going out into public places, or simply online surveys, on how we may protect ourselves from diabetes and what may be some causes of diabetes cases, which will greatly benefit our research.


c)  The proposed course of action is logical and realistic because it is a simple matter to go into public places, such as shopping malls or parks, to interview various people from different walks of life and different age groups about their views on our research topic.


d)  The research provides sufficient opportunity for generation of ideas on how we might be able to encourage the public to live healthy lifestyles so as to prevent any possibility of suffering from diabetes.



4. Manageability of the research


a)  The allocated time periods for the various tasks and components of this project will be decided in due time. However, it will be completed to the best of our ability and staying on the topic as much as we possibly can.


b)  This research provides enough opportunities for us to gather together and collaborate as we need to discuss problems and topics regarding the project and we have to work closely with one another to get the job done.


c)  We do expect to have difficulties along the way, such as lack of sufficient data or insufficient time. We intend to cope with them by planning time for the project well so that we are able to complete our assigned tasks with quality before the deadlines. We are able to collaborate our ideas through social online platforms such as Facebook, or simply just meet up physically.



5. Accessibility of the information required


a)  Information that will be relevant to our research would be what diabetes is, what causes of diabetes and how to prevent people from getting diabetes.


b)  We will be obtaining this information from primary and secondary sources, primary sources being direct public opinions or internet surveys, and secondary sources such as internet research, depending which one is more accurate.


c)  Some alternatives that we have thought of is to possibly speak with our own teachers or fellow students on the topic.


d)  Some problems we anticipate while gathering our materials would be that the information might not be relevant to our topic and the authenticity of the information, as public opinions or internet articles are not confirmed facts, but merely different peoples’ points of view. If we gather sufficient opinions or articles from the internet and they all pretty much agree with one another, we can deem it as credible.




[1] National Registry of Diseases Office. (2011). Information paper on diabetes in Singapore (Publication no. INP-11-7)

Singapore: Ministry of Health

[2] National University of Singapore - Research Gallery (2012). Fighting diabetes and other metabolic disease in Singapore