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MPCC Writers Wanted flyer
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Teacher-Writers Wanted: Collaborative Curriculum Writing Opportunities

Teachers interested in curriculum writing are encouraged to apply to participate in Minnesota course development projects. Through the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum (MPCC), school districts are collaborating to create and share digital courses and content. The teacher-writer application process is open to ALL interested Minnesota teachers and staff.

Teacher-writers indicate their preference for grade level and subject area. If selected, writers join a team of colleagues from other Minnesota districts working under the guidance of an expert facilitator in a sponsoring district. Teacher-writers work on their own time and are paid through an individual contract with MPCC. All materials created are owned by the Partnership.

Benefits for Teacher-Writers

Benefits for Teacher-Writer’s Home District

  • Earn extra income! Pay is determined by the segment of the course produced, as divided among the writers.
  • Grow your capacity to develop digital curriculum and instruction
  • Network with other rockstar teacher-writers in your content area
  • Access MPCC training
  • Copyright and Creative Commons
  • Digital design
  • Cultural responsiveness
  • Apply your learning and use your materials in your classroom.
  • Teacher’s participation builds district capacity in digital curriculum and instruction.
  • Teacher’s participation includes
  • Attendance at training sessions
  • Communication with facilitators and other writers
  • 30-100 hours of writing time per writer
  • Review of other teachers’ developed work
  • A stipend of approximately $35/hour

We will continue to gather a pool of teacher-writers for future projects. Apply at any time to be considered for upcoming projects.

To apply for current or future projects, please complete this brief application form.

What is the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum?

A grassroots initiative among school districts to create comprehensive open education resources (OER) through the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum has been in existence for the past two years. Over 200 districts have committed to fund the initiative by contributing approximately one dollar per ADM. The goal is to create course work in a digital format in the four core subject areas for grades 3-12. At the conclusion of the development project, all materials will be shared publicly under a creative commons license.

The benefits to all districts include:

Further details can be found in the Organizational plan (, which contains details on the organization and outcomes. Additionally, the website at includes examples of projects already launched.

For questions regarding the MPCC please contact Jon Voss at or Jessica Wiley at