Food Inc. Movie Reflections                      Name_________________________ Class________

1.        What did the narrator mean by “national tomato?”


2.        What is happening as fewer and fewer companies control the food market?


3.        What is happening to chickens as they grow twice the rate and double the breast size?

4.        How do the chicken companies control the farmers?



5.        What is the role of corn in our society? How does everything tie back to corn? Explain the government policy’s role.


6.             What harm is an all corn diet causing?



8.        What is happening to food safety regulations? Cite specific examples.



9.        How are meat processors fighting E.Coli?


10.      How does paying a low price for pork actually come at a high “cost”?



11.     What does the farmer mean about food not being “honest”?



12.      How does Monsanto control soybeans?



13.      How can you help change the food industry?