Jacksonville Sand Volleyball

Basic Rules

• Ball and serve will be determined by rock-paper-scissors between the two captains before game starts.  The winner chooses between serving first or which side of the court they want to play on for the 1st game.  If the captain chooses to serve first, the opposing team will have first serve when the 2nd game begins.

• You can play barefoot or with any shoe that doesn’t have spikes. (Most people choose barefoot)

• Teams will play 3 games. Teams play the first 2 games to 21 or win by 2 (up to 25). The third game is played to 15 straight up. Rally Scoring: teams score a point when the other team fails to return the ball over the net, hits the ball out of bounds or commits an illegal return (lift).

• Teams must have at least 2 players of each gender on the court at all times.

• Please refrain from smoking on the courts out of respect for all players.


• The serve can take place anywhere along the end line, but the server cannot step into the court until the ball has been served.

• The server must make contact with the ball with only one hand.

• Net serves are allowed in games, which means if the ball hits the net on a serve, play it!

Two serve faults equals a point and ball for the other team

A serve fault is a serve that doesn't make it over the net or lands out of bounds or a serve that is determined illegal (I.e. Player is not outside the lines, uses two hands, etc).

Playing the ball:

• You can play the ball with any part of your body.

• You can play the ball off the net!

• Blocking or spiking on a serve is illegal!

• The ball must be contacted cleanly with the heel or palm of the hand, locked fingertips or the back of your hand. Lifting the ball with your full hand (or two hands: a carry) and redirecting a ball with your fingers are illegal and will be called at the opponents discretion.


• Blocks don’t count toward a team’s three hits.

• If the ball leaves the court on a team’s side, it is still playable but must be played over the net.

The Net:

•The ball may touch the net, including the service.

A blocker may touch the ball beyond the net, provided that this does not interfere with the play before or during the opponent’s attack hit.

Contact with the net is permitted provided it does not interfere with the play.

Contact with the opponent’s court with a foot is permitted, provided it is not excessive or does not interfere with the play.

When the ball is driven into the net and causes it to touch an opponent, no fault is committed.


• A team must keep the same rotation throughout the game. It is your team’s choice where you will rotate in (most popular place is before or after the serve).

• Every player must serve the ball.

• Substitutions for a specific player are not allowed, except in the event of an injury where the player must leave the court.


• Teams will officiate themselves as is done in most Rec Volleyball leagues. Any disputes can be resolved by Paper, Rock, Scissors or a chug off.


• Every player must wear their WAKA volleyball t-shirt each week! The WAKA policy states: “While participating in WAKA kickball, players must properly wear and fully display the official WAKA athletic clothing designated for their use (once received). Repeated violations of this requirement may result in a paper forfeit.”

• You are more than welcome to make modifications to your shirt as long as the logos on the front and back of the shirt are fully visible.

• Substitutions are allowed if a team does not have enough players to fill a roster of at least 6.  This is allowed during the regular season ONLY.  Only registered players can play during the playoffs.


• Expect to play each week, even if it’s raining.

• Games will only be cancelled if there is a threat for imminent severe weather. I will send out a decision about the night’s games by 5pm.

• Lightning policy: If lightning is seen during games, it is a WAKA policy to move to a safe location and wait 20 minutes from the last flash.