Travel and Accommodation Grants

Terms for reimbursing international participants at CodeAcross & OpenDataDay 2016, Zagreb, Croatia


General rules

  1. These terms specify rules for reimbursing international participants in CodeAcross & OpenDataDay, held on March 4th - 6th, March 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia.
  2. Definitions:
  1. Organizer: Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet with its seat in Unska 3, Zagreb, Croatia
  2. Applicant: an individual person applying for reimbursement of travel costs or accommodation grant
  3. Participant: a person participating in the event, registered using the registration form at
  1. The following costs may be subject to reimbursement:
  1. travel costs (bus or train ticket)
  2. accommodation (by funding a room in a place selected by the Organizer)
  1. The applicant selects type of costs to be reimbursed. All the above costs or only some may be selected.
  2. The reimbursement is made from the proceeds of the HrOpen - Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet. The total amount of all reimbursements is limited. Reimbursement is granted according to criteria set in these terms, motivation for the participation in the event, and sequence of applications in time. Applications will be evaluated formally and on the basis of their merits by the Organizer. Applications will be evaluated within 7 days after their filing to the Organizer.
  3. Filing an application does not guarantee that the reimbursement is granted, that it is granted in the applied amount, or that it is granted for all types of costs indicated in the application.
  4. The official Internet site of the event is at


Criteria of reimbursement and preparation of applications

  1. Reimbursement may be applied for by individual persons only.
  2. Applications have to be filed by February 28th, 2016 to: In case of questions please contact:
  3. Information about results of the evaluation will be sent to Applicants using electronic means.
  4. Applicants shall confirm acceptance of the granted reimbursement, within 48 hours from the receipt of the information, to the address indicated in subsection 2 above.
  5. Applicants that obtain reimbursement but do not use it, will be obliged to cover costs incurred by the Organizer in relation to the Applicant.


Financial settlements

  1. The Organizer covers costs according to the granted reimbursement. The Organizer does not cover costs above granted reimbursement (e.g. in case costs increase).
  2. Travel costs may cover:
  1. buses
  2. small buses
  3. train (2nd class)
  4. airplane (economic class – cheap tickets)
  1. Participants are required to return or submit original tickets and a filled-in Transportation Sheet (where applicable) to the Organizer within 5 days after the event. The Organizer may revoke the decision about reimbursement in case the above documents are missing or incomplete.
  2. The Organizer may fund the Participant a room in a place chosen by the Organizer.
  3. Participants have to confirm schedule and attendance to the event. In case the confirmations are missing, the Organizer may revoke the decision about reimbursement.

 Final clauses

  1. The controller of data processed in relation to granting reimbursement under these terms is the Organizer. Data is processed for the purpose of evaluation and participation in the process related to granting reimbursement and for informational, statistical, and financial purposes. Data subjects have the right to access and correct their data.
  2. The Organizer does not cover participants’ insurance against injuries or travel insurance for cancellations.