Narrative Planning Sheet

Characters (Major and minor characters - give names, descriptions, traits, feelings … etc)

Medic tall, black hair and black bered  

Gem medics wife, canadian, slim

rude boyz rc, a group of  people who own a shed with a rc track hanging from the roof, they love rcs and help medic fix his rcs and then build a track for his rcs

tekin,a company that gives medic the parts to fix his rc’s

Morice,medics son he is 2 years old and loves bashing his dad's rcs together.

Setting (When, where, … be descriptive)\

He lives in a house surrounded by trees ,his house is nice and luxurious,he has a shed with ceiling to floor shelves filled with broken rcs

Problem/Conflict (The main dilemma that leads the characters to act in the way they did)

House is surrounded with trees,routs are too tall for his rcs to drive over

Plot (Major sequence of events in order … the action)




Introduce main characters

Medic gem men at rude boyz rc


State the problem

State the location of his house

Tekin will come in and  give medic the parts to fix his rcs

Main characters will help medic build his (rc tracks)

Will cut trees down to build a track

Morice will come in and  drive his rcs  on the  track along with everyone else.

Solution/Resolution (How the problem got solved)

People help build tracks for medic and every year he holds a ttc. Tuff Truck Competition

Theme/Authors  message (What can you learn from the story? How should the characters avoid this problem in the future?)rc means remote control but in the world of the rc hobby it means the rc truck/car.

When it says 10th scale/5th scale i mean how big it is. They could make sure that they have space to drive the rcs before they buy them.


I am learning to write a plan for a narrative.

It can be tricky to plan the story properly and use detail. The next step for me is to put more detail into my story.