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NJETI Roundtable
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Administrators Roundtable
NJETI Annual Conference

May 13, 2010

Description: Participants will brainstorm possible solutions to challenges of district technology coordinators, and other technology administrators.

  1. What exactly do we need to maintain the integrity of the network?
  1. group policies to control access - “everything that’s given away for free costs you bandwidth”
  2. proxy server - a good filter for specific extensions
  1. Squid - open source

     c.  decent physical cabling and structure

     d. staff buy-in to the AUP

  1. How do we plan to maintain the network’s infrastructure?
  1. bandwidth
  1. host your wikis, course management system, videos,  etc inside the network
  2. Join Internet 2 if you are anywhere near  Ocean County - we would need a large group to do this
  3. They’re going to saturate it no matter how much bandwidth we have
  4. When are we going to have to start building our cell networks in buildings? n/cell
  1. How do you slice up the technology budget pizza?
  1. How can we slice up nothing?
  2. Pay for filtering, subscriptions, and licensing renewals first
  3. The offices take precedence over the classrooms
  4. Set money aside for replacement parts
  5. The teacher computer takes precedence over the student computers
  1. What communication vehicles does your district utilize?
  2. Acceptable Use Policies