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Assessment Resources

Assessment Badge Checklists:

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Google Forms

How To Video: Presentation Feedback with Google Forms & FormMule

Supercharge Google Forms with Add-Ons

How to add feedback to responses in Google Forms quizzes

Use Images as Answer Choices in Google Forms

The New Google Forms

(7 min)

Getting Started Creating a Quiz in Google Forms using the new Quiz feature

Shorter Tutorial on the New Google Forms  (2min)

Automated Peer Feedback for Student Presentations

Grading Extended Response Questions with Google Forms Quiz Feature

Multiple Correct Answers in Google Form Quizzes from Eric Curts

Google Forms for All Grade Levels:
Bell Ringer/Warm Up - Reuse the Same Google Form Daily

Ten Things You Can Do With Google Forms

20 practical ways to use Google Forms in class, school by Matt Miller

Creating Formative Assessment Quizzes from Teacher Tech, Alice Keeler

Google Forms for Formative Assessment Checklists from Teacher Monica Burns

How to customize your confirmation message in Google Forms

Two Ways to Grade Short Answer Questions in Google Forms

This is a quick article from +Richard Byrne  that may clear up some questions regarding the “Quizzes” feature in Google Forms and introduce you to an add-on to automatically score assessments.

4 Add-Ons to Pair with Google Forms Every EdTech Coach Needs to Know

Google Forms Teacher Tips, just use your arrow keys to scroll through these.

Getting Started with Google Forms

QR Code Maker Add-on for Google Forms

Here’s a link to get this add-on for your Google Forms...just one more way to make things easier for you from directly within the Forms app!

How to Add a Picture Password to Your Google Forms


A video response/reflection tool.

An “approach to using video for igniting student discussion and engagement. Available on iOS, Android, Chromebook, and all major browsers.”

Flipgrid Resources

FlipGrid Tutorial

Getting Started with Flipgrid

DIY Flipgrid Booth from Claudio Zavala Jr.

Introducing...Flipgrid Ideas 

The Educator’s Guide to Flipgrid

Flipping Out with FlipGrid

Catch the Flipgrid fever! 15+ ways to use Flipgrid in your class

Flipgrid Classroom/Lesson Ideas

Students make 90 second response videos, can watch and comment on others if you choose.

Flipgrid instructions for students from Claudio Zavala Jr.

Flipgrid Explorer Series


Voices with Antarctica: Laura's Adventure

When on the site, click on "Title" to see the posts in order.

Teachers can choose to moderate...approving each video before
it is posted for the class to see.

Flipgrid has a free version and a paid version.
In the free version you can have 1 grid, but unlimited topics.
So, you could use topics to break up the responses by class period if needed.

Flipgrid works on all devices.


How to Create a Review Game on Quizalize

Quizalize Student Response System from The Techie Teacher

Create Interactive Review Games from Free Technology for Teachers, Richard Byrne


EDpuzzle Demo

EDpuzzle Tutorial and Review

EDpuzzle: Google Classroom Awesome Integration

Flipped Classroom: Engaging Students with EDpuzzle from Caitlin Tucker

Why I Use Edpuzzle: An Edpuzzle Review

EDpuzzle or PlayPosit: Which Should I Use? From Amy Roediger


Nearpod Lesson Bundles

Nearpod Interactive Tutorial

Get Engaged with Nearpod

Making Tech Simple: Nearpod

Nearpod Educator Review from Graphite

Nearpod Best Practices for Math Class by Mathy Cathy

Flippity - Quiz Show

How to Create a Quiz Show with Flippity Instructions


Step 1

Step 2

Blog Post About Kahoot

Great Review Games for the Classroom That Isn't 1:1 by Richard Byrne

Teach with Kahoot!: Go beyond review with the Blind Kahoot

The Art of Kahooting sheet


Great for those classes with only one device.


Plickers Blog

Great Review Games for the Classroom That Isn't 1:1 by Richard Byrne

Plickers FAQ 


Kaizena App in Chrome Web Store

Getting Started With Kaizena 1 of 3 - Signing Up

Getting Started with Kaizena 2 of 3 - Exploring Kaizena's Feedback Features

Getting Started with Kaizena 3 of 3 - Creating Groups and Inviting Students

Getting Started With Kaizena - Voice Commenting on Google Docs


Classflow at a Glance 

“Classflow is an interactive lesson-delivery platform that enhances student delivery” from The Learning Counsel


Works on any device that connects to the internet

Create Formative Labeling Activities

Formative for Teachers

Embed Any Learning Tool

Formative Assessment – Student Response System

GameOn World

GameOn World - A Great, Multiplayer Geography Game by Richard Byrne

“A new, multiplayer geography game developed by a high school teacher and his student…”

Sparkline Tool for Google Sheets

Using the Sparkline Formula in Google Sheets to Show Student Success

Everything You Ever  Wanted to Know about Sparklines in Google Sheets

Word Mover 

Free iOS app from readwritethink

“a great app for students to use to as a story or poem starter”

Word Mover - A Great App for National Poetry Month

Cube Creator

How to Use Read Write Think's Cube Creator

Find lesson ideas & resources for all grade levels click here (scroll down to see them)

Great interactive tool for prewriting, postwriting, post reading and/or summarizing! With this tool, you or your students can create cubes with your own questions or use their 3 other templates with questions already built in (biography, mystery and story).

Need to know:
Students don’t have to create an account

Not available on iOS, it requires Flash to run

Students can save their files and work more later

An actual cube can be printed and constructed (instructions included)

There are downloadable planning sheets for each of the 4 types of cubes
For grades 1-12

General Assessment Resources