Relatively simple LOTFP summon spell for DCC

Level: 1, of course      Range: 10’      Duration: special      Casting time: 1 round      

Save: Hoo boy


The caster tries to summon a being from outer realms and bend it to their will. This is never a good idea.

This spell is a good candidate for ritual casting, and the caster’s spell check benefits from magic circles, true-name knowing, etc.

If you want to summon a demon you have previously successfully called upon, you have an 5⨉ (Int mod+lvl+times successfully summoned) percent chance of doing so (otherwise a random demon is summoned as per usual). A demon you know still makes a Will save, unless it has made an amicable arrangement with the caster.


Duration is determined by how well your spell result number beat the demon’s Will save. 1d10 rounds per point you beat the demon by, but you have to maintain concentration to keep it under your control (damage might make you lose concentration).

If you beat the creature’s Will save #+its HD, the creature is bound to do a task you specify. The demon can stay a maximum of a year and a day in this manner.

If you beat the demon’s roll+double its HD, you have its service until you die.

Demons that make their Will save and are determined to be doing something other than merely ignoring your summons will stay on this plane until what they want to do is complete. Usually, until one of you is dead.

Demons that roll equal to or higher than your roll +your level will cause a misfire result at you.


Casting demon summoning can counter demon summoning in a special way; both casters compare their spell check to the demon’s Will save and the higher roll wins control of the demon, provided it didn’t save...


Roll 1d5: 1) with your cultist dagger, you rend the veil between worlds; 2) the skies (or dungeon) fill with ominous, roiling clouds which eject the demon like lightning; 3) the demon is birthed into this world from the mouth of a random target in the area; 4) a hell-maw cracks open and spews out its damned contents; 5) the shadows of everyone and everything separate from their casters and coalesce into a void through which the horror steps.


Gain an insanity. There is a 30% chance that it is an obsession with casting this spell again until you “get it right!”


(note that misfire results whenever the summoned entity makes its Will save, which is equal to its amount of HD [HD are determined by type])

People affected by misfires might try to save, but the demon will just keep going until it finds a viable target in the vicinity...

Roll a d6:

  1. Someone is spirited away to the demon’s realm (80% of the time it is the caster; if not, 70% of the time it is an ally even if other parties are present).
  2. The demon takes over the body of someone (90% of the time it is the caster; if not,  80% of the time it is an ally even if other parties are present) and can exercise all of its supernatural powers in its new shell. It craves destruction, but is wise enough to run away if victory is doubtful.
  3. A hell gate has been opened; the demon and 1d10 friends, each of up to to the summoned demon’s strength in power (HD) come through to wreak bloody carnage.
  4. The demon and a random target in the area merge. It can switch between their two forms at will, and has complete control forever.
  5. A grim disruption in the psycho-sphere causes all minds to switch to a random body in the area. Int, Pers, and Luck scores are transported with the minds. Everyone gains some sort of insanity.
  6. The demon demands someone present be chosen by the caster. It takes that person to feast upon. If the caster delays in naming someone, the demon just takes everyone present save for the caster.


Failure. Misfire. Corruption. You cannot cast this spell again today unless you sacrifice a sentient creature.


Failure. The demon still makes a Will save (with a bonus=its HD as per its randomly-determined type from I to VI) and if they beat what you rolled, a misfire result happens.


An abstract concept-entity is summoned. Roll a d10 and consult the LOTFP core rules (they’re free if you don’t have them yet). Or the game judge can make something up. Concepts don’t make Will saves to resist your summons.


A type Ⅰ demon (as per DCC page 404) is summoned. It has a Will save bonus equal to its HD to resist your summons. Provided it didn’t roll high enough to cause a misfire, a demon that resists your will with its own attacks your party 75% of the time. If not, 50% of the time it will be 1d8 HD tougher than normal and still attack. If not, it will just ignore the summons 35% of the time. If not, it will cause corruption 30% of the time. If not, it simply wanders off 10% of the time.  If not, a permanent hellmaw is opened, and demons walk the earth.


As per 18-19, but a type Ⅱ demon is summoned instead.


As per 18-19, but a type Ⅲ demon is summoned instead.


As per 18-19, but a type Ⅳ demon is summoned instead.


As per 18-19, but a type Ⅴ demon is summoned instead.


As per 18-19, but a type Ⅵ demon is summoned instead.