2013 USATF-New England Association Outdoor Track & Field


The 2013 USATF-NE Outdoor Grand Prix includes all US National contested track and field events.

Prize money is limited to 2013 USATF-NE Association member athletes.

Prize monies available:

$300 to be distributed to the top USATF-NE man and $300 to the top USATF- NE woman in the final point totals. Up to $300 each to be distributed via travel reimbursement to the top man and woman after competing at the USATF Outdoor National Championships meet.

There is no event specific competition.


USATF-NE members may use up to their four (4) highest scored meets, utilizing the IAAF Scoring Table of Athletics.

Of the four scoring meets, one must be one of the following:

The remaining three meets may include any New England Association approved meet. A USATF- NE Association approved meet is considered to be a meet that can be used to qualify for entry into the USATF National Outdoor Championships, is open to Open Track and Field athletes, AND is within a New England Association state. The USATF East Region Championship meet on June 15 at Icahn Stadium, is also an USATF-NE approved meet for scoring in the Grand Prix [Amended on 5/30/2013].

2013 Competition Dates:

A USATF-NE member may score USATF-NE Grand Prix points in any USATF- NE Association approved outdoor meets from March 15 through June 23.


The current IAAF Scoring Table of Athletics will be used for event scoring & calculations.

An athlete must attain a score of at least 850 points in an individual performance to score.

Only one (highest) scoring event per meet is allowed.

The Grand Prix score is the sum of the performance points.


Any athlete wishing to participate in the USATF-NE Association Outdoor Grand Prix must:

1. Be a 2013 USATF-NE member.

Athletes may complete their USATF-NE registration on-line at the USATF-NE website at


2. Sign-up for the USATF-NE Outdoor Grand Prix by submitting the following form (in order to confirm GP competition eligibility): http://goo.gl/IlfE2

Athletes still eligible for scholastic or intercollegiate competition may not receive USATF-NE Outdoor Grand Prix prize money.

3. Report meet date, site, event, and mark, via this form: http://goo.gl/IlfE2

Although the USATF-NE now monitors marks, each athlete remains responsible for reporting all qualifying marks (scoring 850+ points) for inclusion in the USATF-NE Outdoor Grand Prix.

ALL marks due by June 22, 2013 12p ET (except a mark from the USATF-NE Outdoor Championship or USATF National Championship).